3 Facts about Healthcare in America Every Person Should Know

Healthcare in America: can’t live with it, can’t live without it. The fact of the matter is that at some point in life, you or someone in your family is bound to find themselves in need of healthcare services. Because of that, it’s important to have an understanding of some of the facts surrounding America’s healthcare system.

Physicians Want More Time

It’s not unusual for patients to feel like they don’t get a lot of time with physicians. They tend to be booked, if not overbooked, leading to shorter face time with patients and patients feeling like their visit was rushed as a result. It’s intuitively understood that physicians taking enough time with patients to understand their concerns and answer the questions they have is beneficial to everyone. What you may not realize is that you as the patient aren’t the only one wanting more time. According to Ipsos, a majority of physicians are also dissatisfied with the time they get with their patients and would like to spend more time with them.

The Increasing Cost

The American healthcare system has a pretty bad rap. Most think that medical costs are more expensive than they should be and that the quality isn’t good enough to warrant the price. The unfortunate thing is that the increase in costs doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon. According to the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, healthcare costs in the United States continue to increase, consuming nearly 20 percent of gross domestic product. Part of this may be the increased strain on the system as more and more people make use of it.

Some Spending Is Preventable

What if some of that spending was preventable? As it turns out, the development of some chronic conditions can be prevented or the severity reduced with lifestyle changes. There are nuances to individuals, their health, and circumstances. As a general rule, however, conditions like obesity, type II diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease are largely preventable. According to Medical News Today, eating a nutritious, balanced diet, living an active lifestyle, and avoiding unhealthy behaviors like smoking can go a long way towards managing such diseases.


Healthcare is a valuable tool that can help people live a healthier life, especially when managing illness or recovering from injury. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, it can go a long way towards improving one’s quality of life. If you want to take advantage of what it can do for you, familiarizing yourself with facts about it and how it works can go a long way towards making that easier to do.


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