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4 Points That Will Improve Senior Medication Management

Getting older means having a weaker immune system and being more prone to a variety of illnesses developing. Some may even deal with chronic pains and diseases already, which wouldn’t be uncommon as many older Americans face this kind of reality. Medication will be vital in ensuring that your conditions are still manageable.

Keeping these illnesses at bay with medicine and treatment can be very overwhelming, though. Medication management while being a senior is a challenge. If you or someone you love is having a difficult time, know that there are ways to simplify the process. Software systems are now available to let you handle multiple medications.

Here are some extra points that can help improve medication management for seniors:

Take Meds at the Right Time

One common mistake in medication management is missing that time window of when you’re supposed to take your medicine or attend check-ups that have been scheduled. Writing down notes won’t cut it at times as some people’s memory becomes more hazed and forgetful.

Using a medication management system can allow you to set reminders throughout the year. Log in what pills and appointments you have lined up daily to enable the alarms. That way, you’re on top of taking your medication in the right time frame.

Avoid Going Over the Prescribed Dose

Medication management encompasses taking your medicine at the right time, but also in the right amount. So many seniors try to go over their dosage for several reasons, with some believing that they’ll get an improved effect when taking medicine beyond the prescription.

Log in how many pills or what the dosage is on the medication management system. If you have a concern about how the prescription isn’t doing much, monitor the medicine’s lack of effects and report to your doctor. Avoid making alterations without the proper medical advice.

Monitor the Response to Meds

As implied above, monitoring the effects of medication is a must. As many adults age up and become seniors, their bodies begin to process medicine and treatment very differently. Some find that certain medications make them woozy or gain weight when they didn’t before.

Due to lower tolerance to medicine, seniors should observe these changes in their well-being and log them in to remember. Discuss these with a medical professional, as they may take the liberty of changing the medicine or just lowering the dosage.

Coordinate With Caregivers

Becoming older and dealing with different conditions can inhibit your ability to take care of yourself. However, there’s no harm in relying on caregivers and family members to better take care of yourself. It’s better to have that support who can empower you to manage your disease.

It’s best to be open and transparent with caretakers about the whole situation. Allowing them access to the same medication management system will make it easier to coordinate with one another daily. It gives them better information about how to care for you, after all.


Medication management for seniors can be rather stressful as you fight a number of conditions while trying to hold off signs of aging. Having an automated system that enables you to have an overview of your treatment will lead to better care and quality of life.

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