Encouraging Patients to Adhere to Their Medication

5 Tips on Encouraging Patients to Adhere to Their Medication

If you are caring for your sick loved one or working as a medical professional, you may notice that patients often fail to take their medications as prescribed. Skipping their doses or failing to take their pills in the right way at the right time can be caused by various reasons, such as fear of potential side effects, cost, forgetfulness, and underestimating the need for taking the medicine. But not taking the medication as directed by the doctors or pharmacists could possibly worsen the disease.

Taking the medicine as instructed is the key to treating illnesses and getting the best results from the medication. Here are some tips on how to encourage your patient or sick loved one under your care to adhere to their medication regimen:


Create a medication log


Verbal directions are usually ineffective when used to instruct your patient about their medication. It’s best to list down all the medications they need to take using calendars, schedules, cards, or charts. Make sure to include the names of the medication, their functions, their corresponding dosages, the ways they should be administered, and their descriptions.


Determine the most ideal time for them to take their medications


One of the possible causes your patient misses their medications is failing to incorporate them into their schedule. This can happen when they are too preoccupied with their work, studies, or errands. 

If their medication does not require a specific time to take them, then assist them in improving their medication adherence. You can help them determine the most ideal time of the day for them to take their medication. Avoid scheduling their medication on the most chaotic times of the day to ensure that they can remember to take them.


Find the reason why they fail to take their medication as prescribed


Empathizing with your patients is the key to understanding them and providing them with better care. If they opened up to you about failing to take their medication as directed, then listen to them properly. Make them feel comfortable about speaking and never blame them for missing their medication. 

Find the reason why this happens. This will help you know their circumstances better and come up with potential solutions that can help them take their medication as instructed.


Consider the affordability of the medications


Not everyone is privileged enough to afford the medications they need right away. Being unable to afford their medications can cause your patient to ration their medicines or simply stop taking them altogether. 

Once your patient shares with you about the difficulty they experience in affording their medications, you can find generic counterparts of the prescribed medications as they usually come at cheaper prices. You can also connect your patient to companies or pharmacies that help the public get access to widely prescribed medications.

Use a medication reminder app


Many patients often miss taking their medicines due to forgetfulness. Keep them reminded by letting them use a reliable medication tracker app that helps them log and manage their medications.


Your patient’s health could be compromised when they don’t comply with their medication regimen. By following the tips above, you can help them take their medications with the right timing, frequency, and dosage.

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