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How to Keep Track of Your Medication and Achieve Good Results

As you grow older, you can expect more chances of experiencing diseases and health issues due to aging, family history, or lifestyle choices. But with proper medication, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, you can prevent your ailments from affecting your quality of life.

When it comes to monitoring your prescribed medication, it can be challenging to remember taking your pills at the exact time daily if you tend to be forgetful and preoccupied. If you’re experiencing physical or mental disabilities, chances are you could have poor medication management skills as well.

Unless you make an effort to maintain a daily medication log or have someone to assist you and keep track of your medicine, it can be tough to manage everything on your own and stay healthy. Keep reading below to find out ways to turn your situation around to assure you that you can continue taking your medicine regularly.


Look for a Reliable Care Provider

The moment you start to notice signs of aging and realize you’re on your way to become a senior, you will need someone to rely on to watch over your health. It’s necessary to have a primary care provider look after your medicine log and make sure you’re following their orders and depending on the prescription they gave you.

If you end up visiting more than one doctor and receive multiple prescriptions, you may end up experiencing side effects from all the medications you need to take. But when you depend on one professional care provider, they will give you a prescription that’s enough to keep you healthy and contains the right medicines, vitamins, and other supplements.


Ask Questions About Your Prescription

Whenever your doctor prescribes you a specific medication that you aren’t familiar with, you must strive to learn about it and ask your provider what it does and how it will affect you. You should also clarify with them the correct dosage and possible side effects you may experience. 

Since it’s your body and overall health involved, you should be aware of the drugs you’re taking. Write down your doctor’s answers and always keep in mind to follow their instructions. Making a medication log is also helpful, mainly if you lead a busy life and want to make sure you take your medicine on time.


Maintain a Simple Medicine Regimen

People who are required to consume various medications at different times of the day regularly face the hurdle of struggling not to miss their prescription. If possible, you should reach out to your healthcare provider and ask for a simple medication routine.

Depending on the health complications you have, if you have diabetes, your doctor could work to develop a regimen that lets you stick to an easy-to-follow diabetes medication list. That way, you can rely on the positive effects of your meds while keeping an ideal practice.


Stick to One Pharmacy to Refill Your Meds

Besides trusting a single primary care provider, it will also help if you find a pharmacy you can commit to that can supply your necessary medication. When you decide to seek a pharmacist’s assistance, it means you don’t have to complete your prescription from different places each time you run out of meds.

In addition, visiting the same pharmacy prevents you from purchasing duplicate prescriptions and avoid potential drug altercations. Once you refill your medicine, you can indicate in your medication tracker that you’re good for the next few weeks, and you don’t have to stop by the drugstore for a while. 



It can be difficult to look after your medication without the proper assistance, so if you want to guarantee to keep your health in check, it’s best to learn how to manage your medication. You should look for a reliable care provider, ask questions about your prescription, maintain a simple medicine regimen, and stick to one pharmacy to refill your meds. Having a pill management app can also come in handy for people who find convenience in using technology. 

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