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How to Take Your Medicines Wisely: Our Health Guide

Medication management is paramount for any facility or patient. This usually involves storing your drugs safely and properly as well as taking them on time with the right dosage and proper measures, as recommended by your doctor. After all, these medications are meant to treat your disease and alleviate your health condition—not harm you. 

For this reason, you don’t want your medicines to lose their potency and efficacy just because you don’t properly keep them. But the last thing you’ll ever want to happen is to deal with side effects, or worst, get your health compromised due to wrong medication intake or incorrect dosage.

In this article, we will share how you can manage and take your medicines wisely.

How to store your medications properly

Let’s first take a look at how you can keep your medications properly and safely. Take note of the following tips:

  • Store medications in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight. Avoid keeping them in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other damp areas, and never leave them in your car for a long period.
  • Set temperature control in place, where the medications must be kept in an area with a temperature of 68 to 77 degrees.
  • Store your medications in a pill organizer. Then, be sure to label them with the medication name, dose, frequency, and expiration date.
  • Ensure safe shipping and storage when you purchase your medicines online.
  • Keep your medications securely capped in their original container when not in use.
  • Keep medications out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Contact your pharmacist when in doubt about frequency or dosage.

How to remember taking your medicines

When it comes to taking your medicines, here’s what you must do to remember and avoid skipping or missing them:

  • Set a schedule in place, where you have to plan when and how to take the medicines.
  • Be sure to have a pillbox allowing you to store drugs for a week.
  • Incorporate your medication intake into your daily routine, such as drinking one after breakfast and before brushing your teeth.
  • Post notes near clocks or mirrors reminding you to take your medication.
  • Schedule your pill intake in a digital calendar and set the alarm when you need to take them.
  • Know how long your bottle of medicines will last and set refill reminders on your calendar.

How a medication tracker app can help

When it comes to managing your medication intake, it’s best to invest in a medication management app that will help you schedule your medication intake and remind you when you need to do so. These apps can also help you label your drugs and store vital details, such as the right medicine, correct dosage, appropriate time, administration method, and other important reminders.

We provide a cloud-based medication tracker app. It offers a wide range of uses and applications, such as medication intake management, birth control pill reminders, chronic diseases monitoring, elder and geriatric care management, and even regulating potentially dangerous substance abuse. Take advantage of our valuable resources, and never miss your medication intake again!


At this point, you now know how to take your medicines wisely. Be sure to follow our practical tips outlined above and invest in a medication tracker app that will help you manage your medicines intake. With all these steps in place, you can expect these medications to work wonders on your health and foster your overall well-being!

Taking your medications wisely is paramount for your health and safety. Here at My Medication Log, we give importance to that principle by providing a cloud-based medication management app for both patients and caregivers. If you need an app for taking medicines, check out our resources, and connect with us today to see how we can help!

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