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Top 4 Tips to Avoid Common Medication Mistakes

Almost half of all people in the US fail to take their medications correctly, and this often leads to ineffective treatment, unwanted side effects, and even death. Staying on top of medication is crucial in avoiding potential dangers and ensuring that the medicine works as intended. 

Our memories aren’t perfect, and we commonly make errors regarding our medications. We might miss a dose, take more than what’s in the prescription, or lose track of what we’re supposed to take. As a result, we’re not getting the help we need from our meds. However, we can better remember to take our medicine with the right tools and techniques. With this, here are some tips to avoid making medication mistakes:

Tip #1: Use Pillboxes

Pillboxes are time-tested tools to help people remember to take their medications. They’ve been around for a long time, and for good reason—they’re remarkably convenient! Many of these items come in sections for each day of the week or even specific times of the day.

Many older individuals especially like the convenience of pillboxes because they’re familiar with the concept. Persons who take multiple medications each day also benefit from these tools. Moreover, these items are portable and can easily fit a purse or travel bag pocket. While this is an advantage, it means users must be careful to avoid leaving them in a hot car or somewhere forgettable.

Tip #2: Go the High-Tech Route

Almost everyone has a mobile phone nowadays, and their convenience grows as developers continue to release revolutionary applications that can help us with our daily tasks. Nowadays, there’s an app for almost everything, and there are multiple apps out there that can help people remember to take their medicine. Many of us take our phones everywhere we go, so forgetting our meds will no longer be a problem even if we’re out and about!

A medication management app like MedManage provides a person with all the tools and information they need to remember their meds. It can notify users during specific times of the day and even include photos to remind them what a particular pill looks like. 

As a bonus, the medication management app can also store and share information, helping healthcare professionals identify which medications the person is taking. Because of this, doctors can avoid prescribing drugs that may not interact well with others.

Tip #3: Refill Right Away

People are naturally prone to procrastination, and many of us put our tasks off until the last minute—including getting refills for medications. As a result, many people go for days, weeks, or months with an empty bottle and stop receiving benefits from their meds. It’s helpful to schedule refills and make a habit of following through with the dates you set.

Tip #4: Associate Medications with Certain Daily Activities

Incorporating your pills into your daily routine can be confusing at first, but you can link taking your meds to particular everyday activities. For example, you may take them after eating breakfast, before brushing your teeth, or while you’re getting ready for work. Keeping it consistent can help you form a healthy habit.

Get Help from a Medication Management App

Many of us make mistakes in taking our meds, but there are many ways to lessen our errors. With the right tools and techniques, we can better manage our medications and maximize their effectiveness. Remember these tips as you continue your journey to recovery!

If you’re looking for a medication management app in the US, MedManage has you covered. Our system uses advanced technology to store and share information, set reminders, and provide a comprehensive log for all your needs. Manage your health better—download our app today!

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