Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT): Drug Addiction Treatment

MedManage makes adhering to your medication assisted treatment regimen a lot simpler and more convenient. Stay connected with those there to support you in your time of need.

You can use MedManage on your own or with the oversight of a drug addiction treatment center. MedManage's comprehensive medication directions, calendar schedules, and daily logs provide the perfect support for a medication assisted treatment.

With MedManage's cloud based daily medication logs, it is easy for the family to look after and support the patient. Take control of your drug addiction with constant reminders and reference material, as well as the needed oversight from those there to help you.

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About MedManage

A beautiful app designed for health consumers that want to stay connected to their health and family.

Use MedManage's cloud system to create a Medication List of your current and previous prescriptions that follows you (and your family caregiver) everywhere you go. Once you've entered your medications, you can choose to get reminders and log how well you've been sticking to your schedule. By keeping a digital log of your medication intake, it can help your healthcare providers manage your care better!

Medication Assisted Treatments

Patient Adherence

Medication Assisted Treatments For:

    Alcohol Addiction Treatment

    Opioid Addiction Treatment

    Heroin Addiction Treatment

    Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

    Medication Assisted Therapy

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We Make It Easy

Comprehensive Walkthrough

MedManage is extremely easy and intuitive to use but, just in case, we have made step by step guides for new users. We want to make supporting your loved ones as easy as possible in their time of need and this is just one way that we help.

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MedManage's Powerful Features

Convenient & Powerful

Create alerts and schedules for complex drug schedules in seconds with simple inputs of the directions.

Save and Store

Don't just use MedManage to remind you when to take your medication. MedManage is made to store your medication and prescription history as well as your medication adherence logs.

Cloud Storage

With our cloud system your progress follows you. Access your Medication List and Calendar anywhere with an internet connection.

Drug Reminder Notifications

By inputting your drug directions a schedule of alerts can be automatically generated to remind you when it's time to take your meds.

Track Results

Track how well you are stick to your drug schedule with our simple process to log drug intake.

Manage Family Settings

With our caregiver sharing option you can setup, manage, and monitor the app for your friends or family if they have trouble doing it themselves.

Our System

Our Approach To Simplifying Medication Assisted Treatment

We follow the Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) system which attempts to find the best way to display medication directions. By using the most up to date research on medication management combined with cloud technology, MedManage can provide a powerful and portable way to track medication adherence for inpatient and outpatient rehab settings.

We make it easy to get support from your rehab facility, trusted friends, or family while using our app. Don't feel alone when fighting your addiction and get the oversight and support you need to get better.
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Medication Reminder System

Once you create a prescriptions record the rest is taken care of. A schedule of notification reminders will automatically be created to alert you of a schedule dose and let you keep a digital daily log.

Cloud Based Storage

MedManage is built on the cloud making it simple to access your data with a smartphone and computer. While making an account is optional, if you want to access your data remotely, be sure to let us know it's you by signing up.

Caregiver Settings

Fill the role of a caregiver for somebody important in your life. Accounts can be shared between family members allowing caregivers to assist, manage, and monitor their loved ones.

Download MedManage

Download MedManage for iOS is the most functional Medication Assisted Treatment support tool you can get! MedManage is flat out the simplest and most modern way to keep track of your medication regimen while receiving support from friends or family.

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MedManage Is Totally Free But Incase You Want More


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  • Medication Therapy Management
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MedManage?

MedManage is a cloud-based medication management system for patients and caregivers. MedManage allows common tasks which are often done manually or from memory such as managing multiple medications and maintaining a daily medication log to be done in the digital world.

Using our mobile and web app remembering, storing, and sharing your medication status and history is now easier than ever.

Is my data protected using MedManage?

You can find our Privacy Policy here: Privacy Policy

MedManage does not require you to enter any personal information. If you choose to make a MedManage account, we store your email for future communications and to allow remote login.

We do store your medication data and logs, so we can deliver it to you but it’s for your eyes only. All entries you make into MedManage or its parent app Medidex are encrypted and de-identified. This process separates and adds additional security to any personal information that you choose to provide.

Medidex does not sell your data to any third-parties……..without giving you a cut. If you are a consistent user of MedManage you may periodically be asked if your data can be sold anonymously to research institutions studying your conditions. If you are interested in this program, please message .

How can I save my Medication History, Daily Medication Log, and Adherence Tracker progress?

MedManage makes it easy to save all the information you need about your current prescriptions and medications.

While an account with MedManage isn’t needed to use the mobile app if you want to utilize our cloud storage and web app you will have to create an account. This allows your medication history, logs, and adherence progress to be saved and accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I reset my password?

For the mobile app we use Apple’s built in authorization such as fingerprint scan and passcode. Using these you won’t need to reset your password since we won’t store one on the app.

If you want to reset your web account access password you can reset password on the login screen.

Why use MedManage?

Using MedManage can accomplish two important things for you. Storing comprehensive medical record information about your Active and previously used Inactive medications for reference, as well as providing dosage reminders and a way to manage and digitally track your medication intake or adherence.

Medication usage errors, adverse drug events, and other major healthcare problems stem from non-adherence to medication regimens and by improving your medication adherence, you can prevent serious complications and health costs from arising.

By having a digital log of your medication adherence, this can provide useful information to your healthcare providers about your general health as well as be extremely useful to analyze and help develop a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for any serious complications.

MedManage also provides a holistic view of your medication history and allows you to keep up to date and comprehensive health information at the tip of your fingertips at all times, due to our cloud platform delivery model.

How do I add a medication?

You can see a walkthrough of how to add a medication here. along with other guides on using MedManage found on the Medidex youtube channel.

Entering a prescription in Medmanage follows three basic steps.

  1. Drug and Dosage
  2. Schedule of intake
  3. Refill and Info
MedManage uses an up to date database for searches on all prescription drugs and uses a simple tool to mimic almost all the possible medication directions givern by doctors

What if I can’t find my medication?

The first thing you should do is double check the spelling of your medication. The second thing you should do is try searching for the generic name of the drug. If the generic brand exists without the name brand, please contact us so we can update our records.

While we do our best to have all FDA approved prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs available we do not guarantee this. If you notice a drug missing or can’t find your medication, please contact us so we can update our records.

Where can I get MedManage and Medidex updates?

You can follow MedManage updates directly on our LinkedIn page.

You can connect with our parent company Medidex on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Medidex is a healthcare technology and education platform for being connected to your healthcare system and informed about your health.