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How to Properly Secure and Dispose of Our Medicines

Although the travel restrictions are not as strict as those during 2020, we find ourselves staying in our respective homes more. This situation leads us to question how we can keep our houses safe for our little ones.

We may have a medication log app to help us track our daily medicine intake. But what about the medicine itself? How will we prevent accidental ingestion of the said medicines? If you are asking these questions, you should pay close attention to this article.

This article will not only prevent any accidents from happening to your little ones. But it will avert medical poisoning on adults too. Stick around to find out what you can do to prevent these unwanted situations.

Securing Medicines

According to poison.org, a non-profit organization, almost half of the poisonous substance exposures are kids accidentally ingesting prescription drugs. Most of the time, it is their curiosity that leads them to explore what is in the medicine cabinet. To avoid any heartbreaking disaster, it is necessary that implement some (if not all) of the following:

1.)    It would be best if you had a medicinal lockbox. Having one will prevent any curious kids from wandering into your medicine cabinet.

2.)    Most of us share our medicine cabinet with our better half. If you do, you might want to ask him (or her) to download a medicine tracker app. Having one will prevent any mix-ups, especially when taking our maintenance medicine becomes a routine.

3.)    The mixing of the same pills into a single container is highly discouraged. Although they are of the same medicine, their strength may vary. Putting them together may lead to pills with higher dosage getting mixed with the lower strength.

You might be asking what is wrong with this situation. It may lead to an overdose. If you have a weekly pillbox, it is recommended that you have a medicine tracker app to help you track the medicines. Most importantly, you should open one container at a time.

4.)    No matter what age you are, syringes can be dangerous. With this said, you should store them as far from the reach of children. You, too, should be careful when you handle them.

Getting Rid of Medicines

You might find yourself having a surplus of medicines. You might be tempted to keep them for future use, storing them may lead to accidental consumption. It may even lead to abuse. To prevent this from happening, it would be wise to get rid of unused medication.

Only a few medicines are found to be toxic upon expiration. But that does not make it less toxic. What makes them dangerous is that their strength may have waned. Thus, their efficacy is lessened or gone.


Medicines can save lives, but they can also be poisonous. To ensure that your medicine will not cause any harm, you should religiously follow your doctor’s advice. Most importantly, you should store them properly.

If you want to track your prescription drugs, you should download a medication log app. There is no better developer than My Medication Log. We can help you religiously follow your prescription, so you get the most out of the medication. Check our website to see more information!

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