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3 Helpful Ways to Manage Diabetes in Seniors

Many people struggle with diabetes as it’s a common disease in different parts of the world, though the seriousness of the condition prevalently manifests in seniors aged 65-years-old and older. With a whopping 14.3 million senior Americans living with diabetes, establishing lifestyle changes is crucial to maintain a safe level of blood sugar moving forward.

Dealing with diabetes also means building healthier habits — from adhering to the doctor’s prescription medications, keeping active, improving diet plans, and more. Your elderly family member may find it harder to implement these changes; that’s why we’re here to help you care for your diabetic loved ones so they can lead a happy and healthy life despite their condition.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Help Senior Family Members Managed Diabetes 

Tip #1: Help Your Senior Loved Ones Keep Track of Medication and Appointments

Juggling several prescription medications and other instructions by the doctor can be tricky, especially for an elderly citizen. Keep in mind that they have to strictly follow a medication schedule and balance other activities from low-impact exercises, trips to the pharmacy, and other activities to ease their condition. 

By being actively present in helping your senior loved ones stay on top of their medications and appointments, you can ensure they can maintain a healthy life for the long haul. Taking the extra mile to accompany them in their appointments can also provide moral support, one that can motivate them to continue their medication properly.

Tip #2: Create a Weekly Meal Plan 

A person’s diet plays a significant role in managing diabetes, especially since food can influence one’s blood sugar levels. By creating a dedicated weekly meal plan, you can set a budget for your senior family member’s new regime and prepare for the grocery, cooking, and more. 

Tip #3: Get Involved in Your Senior Loved One’s Medication Management

Having multiple medications can be tricky, especially when you need to ensure your elderly family members take the right dosage at the ideal time. With that in mind, you can help manage their medication intake by providing pillboxes, setting alarms, or using modern tools like MedManage’s med log tracking app.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Ways to Improve Managing Diabetes in Senior Family Members

The tips above should help keep your senior loved ones comfortable as they manage the complications diabetes can bring, but there is an easier way to stay on top of their health. Medical monitoring and reminder apps can simplify your routine by sending daily alerts of your medication status, allowing families with diabetic loved ones to improve the way they manage multiple medications. 

How Can We Help You?

Juggling a bunch of medications can be incredibly challenging, and in some cases, you may end up missing a dose or two. With that being said, it’s important to integrate a med log tracking app to ensure that you’re getting the medications you need at the right time. 

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