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3 Tips on Safe Medication Management: Our Caregiver’s Guide

Taking medications is a standard part of elderly life. It means you, as a caregiver, should do what you can to ensure the seniors under your care follow the doctor’s orders and all their prescriptions. Another crucial factor you have to consider is their safety, especially since older folks are typically more susceptible to accidents and misunderstandings. 

Seniors tend to choke on pills, forget to take important maintenance medications at prescribed times, and miss crucial appointments for medication-assisted therapy. These issues can affect your elders’ health and well-being. Fortunately, you can help them by taking charge of their medication management. 

This article will discuss three tips that can guide you in the process of helping your elders take their medicines as prescribed. Take this as an opportunity to ensure their safety and provide them with the utmost care, enabling you to be a professional caregiver throughout your career. This way, you can also get recognized by our clients and be known for your high-quality services. 


  • Get to know the doctors and pharmacists


The medication management task is not your responsibility alone. You can talk to your elder’s medical professionals to orient you on the different precautionary measures you can take to keep your elders healthy and actively do what they can to better their welfare. 

You can also request recommendations from these healthcare providers so you can better manage all the information about the seniors, especially regarding their prescribed medications, ample dosages, and other related details. This way, you can be well-informed about effective medication management while taking the necessary safety measures to prevent complications. 


  • Remember the guidelines for medicines


One of the most crucial things that you must be mindful of with your elderly is how they take their medicine. Not all of them are meant to be consumed with water before sleeping. For instance, there may be medicine for high cholesterol that should be taken after eating and at an exact dosage of two ounces. If these instructions are not met, patients may get sick as their medication condition worsens. Fortunately, you don’t need any guesswork with information on medicines. 

The best way to ensure all the information you need for your elderly’s medication is to use a medication management app. It can help you record, search, and share the necessary medical information to take care of all your clients, letting you communicate with their doctors to help you provide the care everyone needs. You can also use the app as a way to determine what may be contributing to your elder’s medical issues if they make any mistakes with their prescriptions. 


  • Store medicines in to-go pill organizers during trips 


Every healthy elder wants to see the world by taking trips with their family to exciting places. You may also have to tag along with them to assist in managing their medications. That’s why it’s important to keep a medication calendar to plan for trips, prepare everything before leaving, and have all the necessary stock to stick to the prescriptions. 


Safety while taking medications is a must for the elderly, especially since they are vulnerable, exposing them to health risks. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you, as their caregiver, need to do. Remember the previously mentioned three tips to look after your seniors properly. 

Are you looking for the best medication management app to help you be of utmost service to your elders? Download MedManage, a cloud-based system designed for caregivers like you to track medication taking, share crucial information with medical professionals, and remind your elders when they need to take their prescribed medicines. Use our technological solution for effective and safe medication management! 

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