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5 Easy Ways To Manage Asthma

According to a report prepared by the Global Asthma Network 334 million people worldwide are suffering from the effects of asthma. and unfortunately, this number is increasing rapidly.

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In the past, asthma was one of the most common diseases found in high-income countries but now this deadly lung disease has spread to affecting many developing countries as well.

Considering this alarming circumstance we have listed a series of easy ways to effectively manage asthma

Make An Inhaler Your Best Buddy:

People suffering from asthma should always carry an inhaler with themselves. It is one of the quickest ways to overcome the impact of an asthma attack  or the onset of asthma related symptoms. An inhaler is a handy device which when pressed & inhaled releases medicinal vapors to sooth unusual or erratic breathing caused by asthma.

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Though it’s quite easy and quick to use, you should always consult your healthcare provider to know it’s usage direction for maximum benefits. If you’re unsure of how to properly use an inhaler or need a refresher there are a ton of how to videos available on YouTube.

Say NO To Smoking:

If you have been diagnosed with asthma or you’re on asthma medication, but haven’t quit smoking yet, you will likely never see an improvement in your health condition until you quit. Rather, continuing a smoking habit is likely to worsen the asthma condition. Also, try to avoid being a passive or second-hand smoker as well because it causes a similar impact to your lungs. If you’re around smokers, mentioning you have asthma is usually a sure-fire way to ensure they respect your space and air quality.

Never Skip Schedule Medications:

Regular medicine intake seems frustrating and can be difficult to maintain but make sure not to avoid it, especially when you are in the beginning stages of asthma. We understand a busy schedule can make people forget medicine but this can be helped with a smart mobile application like MedManage.

This free iOS and Android compatible medication management app helps you to create a customized asthma medication list for timely medication reminders. It also has a medication calendar and medication log features which help in ensuring you stick to your prescribed medication schedule and track your progress.

Know What Triggers You:

Become more aware what irritates your asthma or what you are allergic to. This can completely vary from person to person, and is therefore important to observe and be aware of yourself. For instance, there are asthma patients who cannot bear dust which often quickly results in shortness of breath, while others may not mind it so much. So, make sure you are conscious of such triggers and are wary of environments full of them. Try to proactively identify and avoid dragging yourself in problematic health circumstances.

Start Exercising:

No matter if you have any medical conditions or not, including exercise in your daily routine is a must for a healthy lifestyle. There are also specific exercises for asthma patients about which your doctor can provide you the best info. Regular exercise as directed by the doctor can help you see a positive and rapid improvement in your health and lessening severity of your symptoms. To boost the impact of exercise, some mindfulness and meditation is also always a benefit as well.

In case you don’t see positive results even after adopting these health care tips, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor to avoid further health complications from your asthma condition.

To learn more about the medication tracker app MedManage, you can give our experts a call at 1-845-553-5376 or shoot us an email to info@themedidex.com. We are happy to explain or help you to setup and use the application and provide more info on how it can make a positive difference to your health condition and regular medicine intake.

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