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5 Resolutions You Can Implement for a Better Health

The coronavirus pandemic is indeed a life-changing event, and it has made the majority of people wary of their health. Now that the end of the year is quickly approaching, you can start planning how your next year will be different. If there is one crucial thing that this year taught us, it is to be more mindful of your health. That means you might want to include health-related changes in your new year’s resolution to help you stay on track with your health.

Here are some resolution suggestions to help you get started:

Resolution 1: Clean out your medicine cabinet

You probably have old and expired medications inside your medicine cabinet. Start your new year fresh by checking the expiration dates on all your medicines and throwing out those you can no longer use. Throwing expired medications is important because of the following reasons:

  • Medications contain chemicals that can break down over time. 
  • Expired medications are less effective.
  • Some of them are harmful if taken past the recommended date. 

If you do not see a visible expiration date, the rule of thumb for prescription medications is that they last only a year from the date they are filled. Since label requirements differ per state, it is better to double-check this information with a pharmacist.

Resolution 2: Follow your prescribed medication

If you use medications and want them to work correctly, you must take them as instructed. If you have not been compliant with this aspect, there is no better time for you to start changing than now. Taking too little or too much of your medication or taking them at the wrong times are some of the practices you should leave behind. They can result in under or overdosing, which are not good for you.

Take antibiotics, for example. Many people stop taking their antibiotics just because they start feeling better. Little do they know that finishing the treatment as directed is necessary to treat the infection. 

If you think that your current medication is not working for you, talk to your healthcare provider, and they will provide you with a better solution. If you need help ensuring you take the medications in the schedules prescribed, consider using a medication log app. It can help you, your pharmacist, and your loved ones monitor and manage your required intake. 

Resolution 3: Ensure that your new insurance cards are in your wallet

The majority of people get their new insurance cards at the start of the new year. Do not forget to remove the old cards in your wallet and replace them with the new ones. They may look the same, but there is often new information added to the new cards, and these details may affect the care you receive.

Resolution 4: Understand what your medications are for

Surprisingly, a lot of people take their medications without understanding their purpose. Sometimes, the best way to commit to your prescription is by knowing what they are for. When you know what you put into your body and how it can help your overall health, you will be more motivated to follow the prescription. 

If you take several medications, learning about each of them can be overwhelming, but you can ask your healthcare provider and pharmacist to explain each to you.

Resolution 5: Update your doctor

This resolution is best for those who consult with various doctors. Patients tend to assume that all their doctors know their medical history. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Healthcare providers depend on electronic medical records to collect information about your previous medical visits, but not all offices can access the same database. 

Healthcare providers can send your medical history to another office if you make a request. Make sure that in 2021, you will make it a habit to keep all your healthcare providers updated about your medical conditions. 


These new habits can bring significant changes to your overall health. They are simple and achievable resolutions that anyone can implement. Following these suggestions can guarantee that you will have more control over your health in 2021.  

Do you need a prescription tracker app to help you manage your medication intake better? MedManage is a medication tracker app that can help you log and regulate your medications. You can also speak to a pharmacist through chat or a face-to-face consultation through our app. Contact us to learn more. 

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