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5 Ways to Make Medication Management Easier

As a caregiver, you have numerous responsibilities and tasks that require precise attention to detail. One of these is tracking your patient’s long list of medications that they need to take at certain hours of the day. Seniors typically require prescription medication to continue supporting essential functions, and they’ll need guidance as they often come with complicated instructions.

Even though you’re considerably younger than your patients, you may find yourself struggling to keep track of all these details. Staying on top of scheduling, managing, and reminding may grow more difficult with time, mostly if their doctors prescribe new medications. Here are five ways to simplify the process: 



Ask the Doctor All Your Questions

You probably have a lot of questions about the many medications your patient is taking. Make sure you write all your questions down in a list to take it with you when you consult a doctor or pharmacist. Be sure to ask for specific instructions and any information you’ll need to know, like what food your patient needs to avoid to prevent the medication’s deactivation. You can also clarify how medicines may interact with each other.

You might even ask if it’s possible to get the generic version of the medication to save money or lower the dosages safely. Doing so will also reduce the risk of side effects in your patient while saving time and money. When you have fewer pills to dispense, you’ll have lesser chances of forgetting to administer them. 


Get a Pillbox

The easiest way to get your patients’ medications organized is by buying a pillbox. Having the medicines located in labeled sections will make it much easier for both you and your patient to manage them, especially when they’re arranged by date or time. It’s also a great way to ensure they’re taking their medications even when you aren’t around, as all you have to do is remind them and fill the pillbox accordingly.


Bring the Medicine Log With You

Having your patient’s medicine log with you is crucial for any unexpected problems that may arise. A medical professional or an emergency worker must know what medications are present in your patient or loved one’s system, which is vital for treating severe conditions. With access to a complete list of medications, these professionals can administer treatment immediately. 


Combine Pill Taking With Everyday Routines

Associating medications with everyday routines, like brushing your teeth, will help you and your patient remember that it’s time to take their pills. Whether it’s taking it with lunch or an afternoon cup of tea will make the need to take medication instinctual. Even if your patient is prone to forgetting, your memory is much sharper, so it’s also a great way to remind you of their medication schedule.



Use a Medication Management App

The ultimate way to make medication management as painless as possible is to use a medication tracker on your smartphone. For instance, we engineered a medication management app that allows you to maintain a daily medication log, helping you remember, store, and share your medication status. You no longer have to worry about monitoring medicines for your senior patients or relatives as the app will keep track of all the essential information, complete with daily reminders. 



As many senior patients require numerous medications, it can be challenging to remember when and how much they should take it. These five ways are sure to make it more manageable, helping you ensure that your patient sticks to their routine and prescription as recommended by their doctor. By using a medication log app, the whole process will be even easier.

My Medication Log is a beautiful and intuitively designed prescription tracker app that helps health consumers stay connected to their health and family. With our cloud system, you can create a medication list and log of your current and previous prescriptions to take with you wherever you go. Download the app today on the App Store or the Play Store

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