Professional Medication Management

A Caregiver’s Guide to Professional Medication Management

Professional caregivers like you have to ensure that your elderly clients are on track with their medications. This is important to their health and wellbeing due to their more specialized and immediate medical needs. But what exactly should you focus on when it comes to effective medication management? 

This guide has a list of the essential tips that you need to take note of for all your elderly clients and their medications. We will first look into the planning phase that you need to do. Then, we will take note of the tools and services that can help you efficiently manage all your elderly client’s medications. 


  • Read up on dosages, side effects, and the best time to take the medication 


You need to first look into the foundations of personal medication care. This means what your elderly may also personally look into as they stay oriented on their own health. However, they tend to forget and mismanage their medications, and this is where you come in. 

The three foundations of basic medication management are the right dosage, the possible side effects, and the best time to take certain medicines. These are all relayed through their personal doctor or in the form of written prescriptions. You also need to read the medicine’s manuals for a more detailed understanding of their medications. 

Be keen on all these essential details since this is your responsibility as a professional caregiver. Take note as well that you need to be patient with your elderly clients, as they may become moody or drowsy at times when it’s time to take their medication. Remind yourself that they are also relying on your assistance for this. 


  • Keep open lines of communication with geriatrics specialists 


After studying the medication details, it’s understandable that you may have certain questions about medications. Don’t be afraid to ask your elderly client’s geriatrics doctor and take notes. You also need to talk about over-the-counter medications because these may affect the prescribed medications that they are currently taking. 

There may be times of emergency that you also need to watch out for. This is nothing new for a caregiver like you, but remember that you should always have your elderly client’s doctor and hospital contact details on your cell phone to provide appropriate medical attention immediately.


  • Plan healthy routines for each elderly client


You can provide better medication management for your elderly client if you can plan their daily routine with health-managing activities. In particular, provide them with appropriate light exercise and dietary plans. Doing so will allow your client to take better care of their health, as complementary to their medications. 

Being a professional caregiver means that you may also have to manage multiple elderly clients at once. This is why you should learn to take time to get well-acquainted with each new client’s schedule and the particular services they require. 


  • Use modern medication management technology 


There may be times that even you, as a caregiver, will forget to remind your elderly client about taking their medication. You also need to keep their doctor updated on their progress with the daily dosages. Fortunately, there are viable tools to help you organize all of your client’s personal medication details and scheduling.

You can make efficient use of a medication tracking app to stay on top of your responsibility to give effective medication management. Cloud-based technology also allows you to update your client’s doctor on their medication progress, even remotely.


Your prime responsibility as a caregiver is to pay attention to your elderly clients’ personal health and medication. You need to take note of all the previously mentioned tips to ensure your full attentiveness and professionalism. Remember to make full use of the right tools and services today to provide quality care and service. 

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