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A Patient’s Guide to Switching and Organizing Medications

There are cases when you need to change your medication, especially when your doctor sees that your medical condition is getting better through your treatment. For example, medicine taken for high cholesterol can change when the doctor notices that your heart health is improving as you gradually change your diet and lifestyle. But what exactly does every patient need to know about changing and reorganizing their medications? 

This guide will orient you on all the things you need to know to change your medications successfully. The main goal is to empower you through recovery and live a more fulfilling and healthier life as you go through the convenient medical care you need. 


  • Consult closely with your doctors


You should always remember that your family doctor is the one guiding you through your treatment to improve your condition. However, you may suffer from multiple health conditions and, therefore, need to pay more attention to your medications and their implications on your health. 

For example, let’s say you have depression and are consulting with a psychiatrist for medication-assisted therapy. You may also be seeing a cardiologist because your heart health is also in need of treatment. Your medications may either weaken in strength or cancel each other out because of their specific formulations. 

As such, you should note your different medical prescriptions and tell different doctors about the medication and treatment you currently take. Remember, your body’s different systems are interconnected, and medical complications can also be interrelated. You need to be open about all your medications to all your doctors so they can prescribe the right medications and changes to your lifestyle. 


  • Take note of the side effects and adjusted dosages 


Medicines have different side effects, and you may need to adjust the doses if it interferes with your daily life. For example, let’s say you are taking anti-inflammatory medications, but you need to be alert for your work as an engineer. 

As such, talk to your doctor about the possibility of adjusting your dosages to facilitate your recovery while you go about your day-to-day routine. You may also be recommended to take certain medications during the most relaxed times of your daily routine, like during the nighttime, to ensure your full alertness and concentration during the day. 

Talk about each side effect and dosage in detail with your doctor so that you can easily adjust your lifestyle for the sake of your health. 


  • Stick to your medication schedule 


When you take certain medications for a long time, you have the tendency to undergo what is called the force of habit, the mechanism that hinders you from adjusting because you have been used to a certain routine for a long time. 

For instance, you may be used to taking Vitamin C for a long time, but then your doctor advises against it because your body has developed an overdependence. Hence, you need to correct that behavior accordingly by sticking to your medication schedule in a timely manner. 

Use professional tools and solutions like a medication management app to remind you what to take at any given time throughout the day. Doing so will allow you to effectively adjust to your treatment and keep your doctor updated in real-time on your progress. Be sure to also organize all your medications in distinct pill containers to facilitate the change. 


Medication-assisted therapy or treatment can require changes, especially if your doctor sees it as a viable means for you to recover more effectively. You need to make sure you are doing all that you can to take and adjust your medication. Take note of all the previously mentioned tips and stay committed to your health and wellbeing today. 

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