Assisting Elders With Medication Management in 3 Easy Tips

One of the most integral parts of basic geriatric care is medication management. You need to ensure that your seniors take their medicine as prescribed. However, it may be daunting since elders tend to forget crucial information and have a hard time developing a healthy routine. As their companion, you can take action to be more proactive about how they organize their prescriptions. But how exactly should you help? 

This article will discuss three tips you must remember about medication management for your seniors. Take this as an opportunity to ensure all the elders you assist can learn to value their health and well-being as you encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle!


  • Ensure all prescriptions are well-stocked and ready for easy dosage


You cannot have your seniors take their pills at the prescribed time and date if their personal medications are out of stock and expired. That’s why you must have immediate access to your senior’s local pharmacy and doctor to ensure that you never run low on these medications. However, you need to utilize a seamless way to organize multiple pills.

The best way to help your senior manage all their medications and avoid taking anything past the expiration date is by color coordinating pill organizers and using big-font labels. That way, your senior can learn to be more independent and consume the pill as prescribed. 

You just need to be there during the challenging days, like when your elder feels sick or is in a bad mood. Developing an efficient way to store medicines is definitely foundational to good medication management! 


  • Allow your seniors to be independent but correct their mistakes 


Many caregivers and family members believe that the best way to manage medication treatments effectively is to be strict and allow elders to be dependent on others for their convenience. However, that’s a big no-no because it can affect your senior’s cognitive development and quality of life as they become more sedentary and depend on you for basic tasks. 

As such, it’s important to strike a balance between being there for your elders and staying open to the possibility that they can do things on their own. That’s because you also want them to get moving and stimulate healthy brain activity. 

With medication management, you may correct your seniors if they make mistakes, like missing out on the prescribed time for particular pills. However, you should set boundaries and be more intentional with your assistance. The best way is to learn as you go and evaluate your senior’s progress to ensure that they can get the help they need as they learn to help themselves feel healthier! 


  • Assist them with their daily medication log


You and your seniors no longer have to resort to outdated, paper-based methods to track their medication and manage different prescriptions. Fortunately, there are now state-of-the-art, convenient technological solutions, like medication tracker apps and cloud-based systems! 

Through these tools, you can set alarms to remind seniors to take their medications, communicate with doctors about their health progress, and use many other solutions that can ensure a stress-free daily routine in taking pills and managing your elder’s health and well-being! 


Ensuring your seniors adhere to their medication can be challenging, but there are ways to do so. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of how you can help. You just have to stay committed, access all the possible tools and services you need, and be an active partner in your elder’s health management. Start helping your seniors with their medicines today! 

Are you looking for the best medication tracker app for your seniors? Download MedManage, a cloud-based medication system that allows you to help keep track of your elder’s health and medication adherence. Use our state-of-the-art technological solutions to ensure all your seniors can maintain a healthy lifestyle as they take their medications and better their well-being! 

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