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The Importance of Using a Contraceptive Pill Tracker App

For centuries, women have been placed under the control of men. From education, career, and behavior, social rules have dictated how a woman should be and how she should act. With little to no power, many women were forced to bow down to the pressures of society.

However, this didn’t last for very long. Thanks to the invention of the contraceptive pill, women have begun to take back control of their bodies and their lives, leaving a lasting impact on social life and family roles.

Taking Back Control with Contraceptives

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that contraceptives gave birth to a social revolution. The innovations in birth control have contributed significantly to the evolution of modern society, giving women the opportunity to control childbearing and their careers.

Instead of being treated as simply homemakers or mothers, women can plan fertility independently of their spouse or partner. In addition, having control of their bodies allowed women to make choices about other parts of their lives in terms of education and professions.

The Benefits of Being On the Pill

Birth control pills have indeed introduced a significant change to society. Separating sex from procreation has given women more control about when and if they should give birth. Until today, reliable contraception continues to help women invest in higher education and professional degrees with much less risk.

Despite its name, birth control pills are more than just preventing pregnancy. Thanks to contraceptive pills, you can enjoy a range of benefits, such as:

  • To have less painful periods;
  • To help regulate the menstrual cycle;
  • To relieve symptoms of PMS and PMDD; and
  • To reduce risk of ovarian cysts and uterine cancer.

With Control Comes Responsibility

Taking contraceptive pills can dramatically change your life for the better—but only if you take them responsibly. Taking the pill is easy, but staying disciplined is a whole other matter.

There are different kinds of pills, but all of them will require you to take them at the same time each day. If you want the contraceptive to be effective, you should take it correctly and never forget to miss a pill!

Why You Should Use a Medication Tracker

Sometimes, tracking your pill intake can be easier said than done. Life happens—there will be times when you’re too busy or feel exhausted, and you may take the pill too late or even forget about it altogether. If you want to avoid forgetting to take your pills or taking them late, you may need to use a pill tracker app.

Unlike taking a mental note, a medication tracker is reliable. Even if you forget, the tracker will remind you to take it by sending you helpful reminders. When you take your birth control pill every day at the same time, it will be much more effective, and you will be able to enjoy its benefits!


The contraceptive pill has undoubtedly been a life-changer for many women and families. By using a medication tracker, you can make sure that your birth control pill is as effective as it possibly can be. With responsible pill tracking, you can successfully take control of your life!

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