Facts and Fiction: Decoding Medical Misinformation and Myths

The internet has made it easier for us to get information. But at the same time, it made misinformation spread quickly. We are now at an age where it is challenging to decipher facts and lies.

Unfortunately, the field of medicine is not safe from misinformation. Medical misconceptions have become common because of how easy it is to find online resources. Then there are the word-of-mouth theories.

You may have a medication tracker. But wouldn’t it be nice if you also have a reputable source for your questions about your medicines? Of course, your doctor is the best source of information. But they are not beside us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Before you type your next question about your medicine, you might want to read this article carefully. Your inquiry might be part of the most asked questions about medications.

If You Are in Extreme Pain, You Can Ignore the Label and Just Pop in More Pills

Many people think that they can go beyond the prescribed dose. They may say, “an extra dose will not hurt me.”

Unfortunately, this thinking will lead to numerous medical problems. Have you noticed that doctors have a medication tracker while at the hospital? They have one to prevent over-medication.

You might roll your eyes and argue that these pills are over-the-counter medications. It is the same thing because scientists studied the side effects of the medicines for several years. They understand what dose would give you optimal results and what quantity is lethal.

You Can Stop Taking the Medication Once You Feel Better

Some people think that it is alright to stop taking the medicine even if the prescription or medication tracker says otherwise. This type of thinking will lead to drug-resistant diseases.

You should keep in mind that your physician prescribed the medicines because you need them. It is why you need to take all the medications given. Going cold turkey may cause a relapse.

If you find the medicines too expensive, you should talk to your doctor about cheaper alternatives. You can also ask the pharmacist about low-priced options.

Natural Supplements Are Safe

People often make the mistake of thinking that supplements are safe because they are “natural”. But they are not necessarily safer and healthier options to your prescribed medicine.

It would be best to ask your doctor if it is safe to drink supplements while under medication. If he is alright with it, ask him if you can take it at the same time as your medicines. Take note of your physician’s advice in your medication tracker. Doing this will prevent any mix-up.

Antibiotics Are the Answer to Every Illness

This unfortunate thinking will lead to serious complications. If you believe in this, it would be best if you do away with this assumption.

Take note that antibiotics can only cure ailments caused by bacteria. Most illnesses, such as colds and sore throats. It is why you should follow your doctor’s advice when it comes to this type of medication. Their professional recommendation will save lives.


You should take information with a grain of salt, especially when it comes to our health. It would be best if you double-check things before taking it as a fact. Doing this will save lives.

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