Our Essential Guide to Effective Medication Management

There is no denying that seniors truly are the biggest consumers of prescribed and over-the-counter medication. On average, one takes about five prescription medications and two over-the-counter meds, making it seven in total for one person! Taking each dose at their prescribed time can be confusing, especially without proper management. 

Every medication carries risk, and with mismanagement or non-compliance, you may even experience some side effects, allergic reactions, and other medical risks. Not to mention the fact that the recipients are much older, this means they’re susceptible to the medication and carry more risks, which makes them likely to experience more problems. 

Medication is meant to aid medical issues, improve the quality of life, and even reduce one’s chances of getting hospitalized. With that being said, it’s essential to have a proper medicine management system to ensure that you, or if you’re assisting an older relative, take your meds on time. 

Ideally, incorporating a medication log app into your routine can instantly improve your medication management. To top it all off, this article is our essential guide for effective medication management, including some tips and tricks so you won’t miss out on any doses. Here’s what you need to know:

Utilize Memory Aids

  • Create a medication schedule or request that the pharmacist fill up a chart for you;
  • Use a medication log app to track your schedule and all doses;
  • When you get a new medication, ask for the easiest possible plan, so you can squeeze it in with your other medications seamlessly;
  • Coordinate your medication schedule with other activities to ensure you don’t miss out on a dose;

Communicate with Health Professionals

  • Ensure the health professional in charge of you or your relative is aware of their complete health history;
  • Work with one pharmacist for all your medications to avoid any confusion;
  • Consult your pharmacist or doctor if you’re unsure about the instructions of a medication;
  • Let your doctor or pharmacist know if the medication doesn’t seem to be working;
  • Maintain an up-to-date list of all medications, including the dosage;
  • Ensure your health providers and pharmacists know if you’re also seeking assistance from other professionals;
  • Ask your doctor to regularly review your medications;

Store Your Medications Appropriately

  • Keep your medications in their original container, but away from heat, moisture, and light;
  • Keep your medication away from children;
  • Separate your medication from other medicines in your household;
  • Avoid taking medicine that has an unusual smell or is discolored;

Find Ways to Make Things Easier for You

  • Request for easy-to-open caps if some pill bottles are difficult to open;
  • Request for large typing on medication labels and non-block letters if you have visual problems;
  • Ask for assistance and advice before your crush or split your tablets;
  • Never cut short on treatment and see your medication schedule through;
  • Do not share or borrow medicine;

The Bottom Line: Successful Treatments Requires Consistent In-Take of Medication

Older adults tend to have more medications compared to younger people. As mentioned earlier, the average amount of pills taken per dose is about seven. With that, mismanagement and non-compliance can definitely occur. 

To ensure that you recover successfully and control your health, create a medication system that will help you get the right doses daily. With the help of a medication log app and following our guide, you won’t miss out on doses again!

How Can We Help You?

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