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How Technology Aids In Managing Asthma

Asthma is a chronic disease that gradually affects the breathing passages of the lungs and thus makes regular physical activities a major hurdle. For people with asthma, the breathing passage narrows and swells while producing an excess amount of mucus.

According to a recent medical report prepared and issued by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), around 27 million Americans are suffering from Asthma.

Asthma has been identified as one of the most common health issues facing Americans today. To be precise, one out of ever 12 children are Asthmatic at birth. These numbers are eerily high, raising the concern of parents everywhere that their children may struggle with breathing problems.

How Asthma Can Be Addressed Using Technology?

It may sound improbable that technology is helping address asthma as opposed to pure medicine but with easy and affordable access to smart apps like MedManage it is becoming clear that technology can play a major role in improving the livelihood of people with asthma.

MedManage: Medication Manager

Compatible with Android and iOS devices, this medication management app helps keeps track of and logs medication intake, and standardizes your medication schedule. From maintaining a current list of your prescriptions to automatically scheduling medication reminder notifications, this mobile app is a brilliant option to create and manage your medication list for asthma, diabetes and many more.

How ‘MedManage’ Helps in Managing Asthma?

When creating an account for the MedManage app, the user is prompted to enter their active prescriptions and inactive medication history, along with with their directions. This can be done by the person with asthma themselves or, by utilizing cloud-based technology, a caregiver or family member. This facilitates a handy and portable list of the medications prescribed for reference. By entering the directions for each medication using the simple to use drop-down options the user instructs the app to send daily reminders of their dose schedule. Now that the user receives regular updates when their doses are scheduled, the app also allows them to log the time they took their doses by clicking the notifications. This make sure the user is sticking to the medication regimen prescribed, allows visibility to caretakers/doctors, and provides a handy, and provides easy to understand reports on their progress.

What is The Process to Schedule Medicine for Asthma?

Obtaining and learning to use the app is incredibly free and easy. Once you have installed it for free from the respective app store, here are the next steps to follow:

  1. Create An Account: Sign up to the app by entering your email and setting a password. Creating an account is important as it allows you to save and recover your info and progress, as well as view and share it online with caregivers or doctors. If you are short on time then you also have the option to ‘Sign up via Facebook’ or ‘Register with Google’.
  2. Protect Your Data: To secure your medication history and any other personal details, set a passcode, touch ID, or face ID protection which will ensure only you and no else can view the app no matter what happens to your phone.
  3. Create A Medication: Enter the Asthma medicine prescribed by the practitioner in the ‘Create Medication’ option by clicking the ‘+’ sign in the top right of the screen on the app. Here, you will be prompted to enter medication details including the medicine name (using the search or a custom entry), dose quantity, time of doses, and optional fields such as the condition being treated by the medication or a custom note for future reference.
  4. Start Logging Your Doses: Once you have created your medication the MedManage app takes care of the rest. A medication calendar will be populated with your medication regimen and a blank log will be created for your medications. Notifications will be sent to you at each scheduled dose, and all you have to do is mark ‘Taken’, ‘Skipped’, or ‘Reschedule’ whenever you get the reminder to populate your daily medication log. If your too busy to take your medication you’ll probably be too busy to mark a dose, so the app will automatically mark the dose as ‘Missed’ if you don’t open the reminder, however you can go back and change this input to ‘Taken’ if you did end up taking the dose. Now you have a handy medication log and adherence charts which you can use to track your doses and/or share with your doctor.

Important Note: It is mandatory to consult a doctor before selecting any specific medicine listed in the MedManage app. While you don’t need a prescription to download the app, you should always only take medications as instructed by your doctor.

To get detailed information or ask any questions about app, you can contact the MedManage team by dialing 1-(845)-553-5376 or sending an email to

Final Thoughts

MedManage is a free Android and iOS device compatible app which is proving to be a helpful technology tool in managing asthma along with other chronic conditions. It is an ideal tool to get consistent and accurate medication reminders for your prescriptions and keep a daily medication log.

To start receiving the reminders and keeping a medication log, the user needs to fill the mandatory medication details (which takes a total of 10-30 seconds).

The best part is the app is available for FREE download on Google Play Store and Apple Store for Android and iOS devices respectively.

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