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How Technology Can Help Elders Stay Independent

Technology isn’t just for the younger generation of people. Today’s rapidly emerging technology applications and products can play a significant role in helping elders to stay independent. Here are three ways that senior citizens can remain self-sufficient through the use of technology.

Teaching Them Skills

The most important thing to remember when teaching seniors new technology is to be patient. The skills may not come naturally since they are probably not used to a connected, online way of life. You can help make the technology more relevant to them by making an intentional effort to avoid highly technical terms when teaching them how to use the applications. Having them practice using their new tech skills regularly will enable them to achieve better command of the apps and services. Many senior citizen centers also offer classes to the community to help the elderly learn how to navigate the connected world.

Avoiding Nursing Homes

Teaching elders to use technology as part of their everyday lives will empower them to be more independent. Once they realize all of the uses for technology, they may feel more supported and encouraged to continue living on their own. This will help them avoid having to rely on a nursing home staff in the short-term. The misuse of drugs at nursing homes is more common than it should be, making it a better idea to live independently for as long as possible. Putting off having to move into a nursing home will also likely save you a lot of money.

Keeps Them Connected

It is easier than ever to stay connected with loved ones thanks to the increasing amount of technology in our lives. Teaching elders how to use technology to remain connected with friends and family will help them feel as if they are always in the know. This technology can also fill a big social void in their lives so that they do not feel isolated and lonely. Social connections are formed with elders who are able to enjoy video calls with family and friends while also using social media networks to find belonging and purpose. Tablets and smartphones can also provide hours of entertainment to seniors who may be home-bound.

There really aren’t any downsides to teaching senior citizens to embrace technology, and even showing them how to use a mobile health app on their own. Though it may seem like a difficult task, it doesn’t have to be. Once your elderly loved one learns the basic power of these tools, they’ll be able to live a more independent lifestyle.

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