Finetune Your Medication Management Process

How to Fine Tune Your Medication Management Process

Drinking one pill a day is manageable, but increasing the number of medications, the time they should be taken, and the different dosages for each can be quite challenging to keep track of.

When in this situation, relying on memory isn’t always the best option, especially for an adult patient. You need to find a way to help both you and your patient keep their medication intake on track and set reminders so as not to forget a single dose.

Here are some effective methods for ensuring that you and your loved one’s medication are taken right on schedule:  


Keep a traditional tracker

For some, writing is an effective way to remember things more. One way to help keep track of the medication schedule is by writing notes on notebooks or a whiteboard and placing it in a corner that anyone in the household can easily see. 

To make this tactic more effective, instead of writing the names of the pills patients need to take, write down its benefit. Doing so might help remind the patient of the benefit they’ll get if they take the medicine in the right dosage and on time. 


Purchase a multi-compartment pill storage box

This is a pill storage box that comes in different sizes and shapes. They have compartments that can help the patient see all the medicines they need to take in one glance, and it enables them to sort the medications accordingly. You can add the label and instruction to help manage their intake. However, it can be challenging for visually-impaired patients. They might confuse their medications and re-sort them since it’s easy to access. 

There is a more technologically advanced version of the pill storage box called medicine dispensers. In this modern pill storage box, pharmacists or assigned family are the only people with access to refilling the medicines inside. These pill storage boxes also have alarm technology installed, which is helpful in reminding patients when it’s time to take their medicine. Some medicine dispensers automatically release the pill and send a vibration or an alarm if the pill was not taken.

It’s important to note that the features of each pillbox varies per manufacturer and type, and they can be pricey. However, it is an effective way to secure a patient’s medication intake, especially if you don’t have the time to personally track the patient’s schedule.


Download a medication management app 

Some people might forget to drink their medication, but only a few forget about their phones. Installing a medication management app in your or your loved one’s phone can help greatly. Apps are also a high-tech way to manage medication, but in a much affordable way.

With a medication management app like MedManage, the patient can do these two things:

  1. Track the patient’s medication (both active and inactive)
  2. Send reminders about the dosage and time of intake for each medication

Having a digital medication log sheet helps the patient’s healthcare provider see the record in an instant, giving them a general idea of the patient’s health status.

Medication management apps like MedManage have other useful health features too, like the monitoring of chronic diseases and the capacity to talk to your pharmacists online via chat or video call. 



Medication management can be challenging, but technology helps make this more convenient for the patient, their family, and their healthcare providers. No matter what method you’ll choose for your loved one, having a daily medication log can be beneficial to all parties concerned. Make sure to use the best method that will work for your loved one, so that they’ll not miss out on any important medication. 

Interested to try our MedManage app? Download the app on Apple Store or Google PlayStore, and let’s start fine tuning your medication management process with us!

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