Medication and Type 2 Diabetes: Breaking the Stigma

Many people with type 2 diabetes think that when they need to start certain medications, they’re failing their treatment program; however, that’s not the case. But why is there a stigma surrounding this?

Type 2 diabetes is seen by many as a lifestyle disease that needs to be controlled. With that, a common misconception is that this is due to laziness, lack of accountability, and poor choices by the patient. When patients hear this, they experience a lack of motivation and self-confidence in controlling their wellness and health. 

However, despite the stigma, many still believe that the effects are reversible or can be controlled. Thanks to the sudden wave of new diet trends and supplements available, more people with type 2 diabetes are motivated to take control of their well-being. 

Some of these helpful and effective trends include dietary restrictions that can manage a person’s weight and blood sugar levels. Another factor is technological advancements, such as med log tracking apps, to ensure they take the right dosages. And finally, supplements that can help counter the adverse effects of diabetes. 

But besides all of these things, how else can you overcome the stigma of medication and type 2 diabetes?

1. Change Your Perspective

One of the biggest things that can help you break through the negative perceptions of medication and type 2 diabetes is by starting with yourself. This means that you need to change your perspective of your situation, and instead of seeing it as an adverse effect, use it as motivation to go further. 

Make your goal to live a longer and healthier life, even with type2 diabetes. This way, you’ll get to create strategies and routines that will help you manage and see your medication program through while being gentle with yourself.

2. Stop Comparing Your Situation 

Playing the comparison game can seem harmless at first, but over time, it can affect the way you treat yourself, leading to adverse results in your medication program. 

Sure, it’s difficult to avoid comparing your numbers to someone else’s but remember, this is your journey, and your progress, no matter how small, is still significant. With that being said, mind your own medical history, strategy, and treatments — you’ll put less pressure on yourself.

3. Medication Don’t Have to Stay Forever

Medication is added to a treatment program to focus on certain issues in your condition, but once everything is stable, there’s a huge chance that medication can stop.

However, when you’re on strict medication, it’s essential to keep track of your doses and never skip them. This is vital for your recovery and will help your body recuperate, eliminating complications altogether. 

For that reason, it’s best to have a med log tracking app to ensure that you’re not missing out on your medications to ensure you get the numbers you desire. 

The Bottom Line: Empowering Yourself and Trusting the Process Will Benefit You and Your Health Journey in the Long Run

Because of the stigma surrounding medication and type 2 diabetes, it comes with no surprise that many feel disheartened when they reach this certain stage. But what many don’t know is that you can still turn things around by changing the way you view things, having discipline when it comes to your health and medication, and empowering yourself throughout the journey. 

So start tracking your medications with a med log tracking app, be your own advocate, and strive to hit your numbers for a healthier and happier life. 

How Can We Help You?

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