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Tips for Medication Management for Patients With Dementia

For those living with dementia, proper medication management is important. These individuals can manage their prescriptions on their own or with little assistance. However, as the condition develops, people who have dementia may begin to forget or refuse to take the medications they need to remain in good health. Even if they do remember to take their medication, an incorrect mix or wrong timing can put dementia patients at risk of decreased cognition, fall-related injuries, and even death.

Now, let’s avoid such situations by dissecting the different tips on medication management for patients with Dementia.

Tip #1: Keep a Medication List

Make a list of any prescription and over-the-counter medications, as well as any herbal or nutritional supplements. This type of medication log allows a patient or caregiver to be given information, comments on pharmaceutical problems or side effects. It provides a doctor or pharmacist with the entire list of drugs in case of drug interactions. You must include the name of the medicine, the dose daily, such as pain relievers, allergy meds, sleep aids, and digestive pills. Finally, provide the names of any prescription medicines.

Tip #2: Invest in Proper Storage

Proper medicine management and storage can help prevent double-dosing, incorrect consumption, and pill mixing.

Lax storage practices may become harmful as the condition develops and impairs the patient’s cognition. As a result, rigorous storage precautions should be implemented to avoid hazard threats. Depending on the severity of the condition, it is typically advised to utilize a secured pillbox or cabinet that only caregivers can access.

Tip #3: Use Reminder Apps and Timed Dispensers

Use a medication reminder system that is appropriate for your lifestyle. If you have a smartphone, for example, you may download an app to keep track of taking pills. These are user-friendly and easy to access, with alarm settings and straightforward labeling.

Another option is to install timed and automated pill dispensers that also serve as proper medicine storage. Pills are packed and set to be given (together with an alert) at the appropriate moment.

Tip #4: Mind the Labels

When it comes to medicine labels, we only focus on dosage and how often they must be taken. However, over-the-counter medicines, such as cold treatments, have a distinct label that contains additional information for the user. Because these drugs may be purchased and used without a doctor’s supervision, it is essential for persons with dementia and their caregivers to carefully read the labels. The labels may specify whether they are suitable for persons with particular conditions or taking certain medicines. Before starting a new medicine or supplement, they should always speak with their doctor or pharmacist.

Tip #5: Create a Routine

Establish a routine in which the patient sits in the same chair, drinks from the same cup, and engages in other repeated activities. Routines can provide a sense of safety and security, which can help avoid medication refusal. Explain the reason for the medicine in a clear and concise manner.

Dementia patients may forget what their medicine is for or how to take it. So, before you hand out the medication, make a simple explanation. If the patient refuses to take the medicine, repeat the procedure. In addition, if swallowing becomes difficult, use liquid medicine.


Be guided from risks and dangers such as drug interactions by being organized, timely, and well-managed. With these tips, managing medication for Dementia patients won’t be as difficult any longer. However, if situations become uncontrollable, you must contact a medical professional immediately. Make sure to watch out for allergies, violent reactions, pill shortage, and more.

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