Our Guide to Monitoring & Managing Your Parkinson’s Medication

Parkinson’s disease can be a debilitating health condition, as it is a progressive neurological disorder that initially affects movement, balance, and coordination. It can be characterized by shaking, stiffness, and slow movement, which can, later on, escalate to memory loss, anxiety and depression, hallucination, psychosis, and even more. 

Those suffering from this disease often take levodopa-carbidopa and other Parkinson’s medications to reduce its symptoms and control your disease. For best effects, though, it’s vital to take the right medications right on schedule.

That said, here’s our guide to monitoring and managing your Parkinson’s medication:

Consult your doctor first

Initially, you’ll be diagnosed and provided with a treatment plan by your doctor. Along with this will come a list of medications that you must take regularly. As such, be sure to stick to your treatment plan and strictly follow your doctor’s prescription. If ever you’ll get a new one, be sure to know what the drug is for, how it works, how much you should take, and what time you should take it. It’s wise to also get well-acquainted with the drug interaction and be wary of its side effects. Ultimately, talk to your doctor should you have any question or arising issue with your medication.

Have a go-to pharmacy

With a handful of medications that you need to purchase and take regularly, you may be dealing with different pharmacies to acquire them. However, it’s a wise move to use the same pharmacy to fill all your prescriptions. Doing so will ensure you have a streamlined drug acquisition process. At the same time, your pharmacist will have a record of everything you’ve been buying and can even go as far as flagging any possible interactions.

Rely on an auto-refill service

Another good idea is to have an auto-refill service with your go-to pharmacy, which means that they will automatically refill your prescriptions and call you when they’re ready. From there, you can go ahead and get your medicines to stay on top of your medication intake. Should you become preoccupied and forget about your medications, you won’t miss them at all.

Update your list of medications

It’s a must to keep track of all your medications, whether prescription drugs or OTC medications. While you’re at it, have an up-to-date list of all the medications you take and include each drug’s dosage, intake frequency, and specific time to take them. Most importantly, review your medication record and consult with your doctor on your next appointment. By doing so, you can make the most of your medications, eliminate any health risk, and lead a fulfilling life despite your disease.

Utilize a medication tracker app

In line with keeping a record of your medications, it’s best to take advantage of a medication tracker app for an organized and streamlined recording, monitoring, and updating. Here at My Medication Log, our ultimate goal is to make the lives of patients and caregivers a lot easier through our cloud-based medication tracker apps. Our app has a wide range of uses and applications. All it takes is to log in and manage your medications or help take care of your family members. 


Monitoring and managing your medications for your Parkinson’s disease are imperative. Be sure to consult with your doctor first, have your go-to pharmacy, rely on an auto-refill service, and utilize a medication tracker app. With all these in place, you can keep track of your medications and ultimately stay in good shape and condition amid your disease! 

We provide a cloud-based medication management app for both patients and caregivers. If you need an app for taking your medicines, check out our resources and connect with us today!


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