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Our Guide to Taking Medication: How to Avoid Health-Risk Mistakes

Taking your medications on time is paramount for your health and recovery. Whether you have a severe illness, a recent surgery, or certain health condition, these medicines that your doctor prescribed should be taken properly.

Did you know that unintentional mistakes in taking medication accounts for approximately 700,000 emergency room visits each year? You may probably forget to take your medicines, may not take them on time, or may have overdosed on them. Not only do you risk your health but also your life in general.

To avoid these mistakes, here are five practical tips for managing your medication intake. Keep on reading to see if you need a medication management app to assist you.

1. List your medications and schedule them

Soon after getting your doctor’s prescription, you have to create a list of all your medications and schedule them for your intake. Always refer to your chart when taking your medicines and even when refilling a prescription. You can also bring this to your doctor to ensure you’re taking the right medicines on time.

2. Set a routine with a reminder or notification

If you’re a bit forgetful, it’s best to set a regular routine for your medication intake. While you’re at it, set a reminder or notification so that you won’t miss out on your medicine or delay taking it. Soon enough, your medication intake will become a part of your habit.

3. Take advantage of using a pillbox

A simple pillbox is a great tool to organize your medications. Why not take advantage of using it? Not only does it help sort and store your medicines, but it also allows you to schedule your intake through proper labeling. A pillbox is readily available in any drug store.

4. Stick to one highly reliable pharmacy

If you regularly take medicines as prescribed by your doctor, you may need to buy or refill them every now and then. If that’s the case, it’s best to stick to one pharmacy and build a good relationship with a pharmacist. However, make sure that this pharmacy is highly reliable and can be trusted for the good of your health.

5. Get in touch with your doctor regularly

For any concerns or issues with your medications, always reach out to your doctor. If it helps, regularly get in touch with your doctor. That way, you can always get proper guidance on medication management. Most importantly, you can avoid some health-risky mistakes at all times.


Managing your medication intake is crucial to ensure that you take the right medications at the right time. As outlined above, be sure to list and schedule your medication, set a routine with a notification, use a pillbox, stick to one pharmacy, and regularly contact your doctor.

For effective medication management, it’s best to take advantage of a medication tracker app to log and manage your medications. Through such an app, you can also speak with your pharmacist and doctor about your prescription. Ultimately, it will help you take control of your health and life in general.

We provide a cloud-based medication management app for both patients and caregivers. If you need an app for taking medicines, and managing your health condition, check out our resources today!

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