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Overcoming Obstacles: Taking Your Medications Consistently

We need medicine to maintain good health and heal any underlying conditions that may have developed. While taking one or two kinds of medicines isn’t really much of a burden, knowing the details of the timetable of intake and amounts can be quite a confusing task, especially if they have multiple medications to deal with.

Some people end up forgetting to take their medicines, others take them at the wrong time, and others simply mistakenly consume the wrong tablet. This may all sound a bit trivial, that is, until you realize that it may result in more serious health concerns if left unchecked. Taking the wrong medication should be taken as seriously as a mistakenly swallowed cleaning agent—it is ill-advised and should be avoided at all costs.

From here, it is safe to say that there are indeed a lot of obstacles when taking medications, especially if you’re getting forgetful due to old age. While it may understandably seem hopeless at times, the good news is that there are also solutions to these obstacles, enabling you to take your medications without any hassle or further difficulties. 

The following are just some of the most common examples of these obstacles and the solutions in dealing with them.

The Obstacle: You Often Forget to Drink Your Medicine

The Solution: Make a huge timetable that you can post on your bedroom or living room walls. Write down the time, the name of the medicine, and the amount you need to intake per each schedule. You may also adjust your alarms in order to indicate which time of the day you would need to pop your pills.

The Obstacle: You Do Not Have Enough Money to Buy Your Medicines

The Solution: Medication options were once limited.  Nowadays, you can simply choose from a wide variety of medicine brands. Make sure to consult with your doctor as to which brand works well with your condition, all the while maintaining an affordable price. Never hesitate to ask for help!

The Obstacle: You Have Multiple Medications to Manage

The Solution: There are actually some prescriptions that require you to take combined medications within them, rolled into a single pill. So instead of taking two separate tablets, you can simply buy one and consume that instead. However, make sure to consult with your doctor regarding such possibilities before purchasing.

The Obstacle: You Are Hesitant to Take Your Medicines Due to the Side Effects

The Solution: This is probably one of the main reasons people tend to skip their medications. Some side effects are not fun to deal with, especially those that hinder you from getting enough sleep and those that cause chronic discomfort, such as headaches. Talk to your doctor and ask if there are safer alternatives to the ones that you’re currently taking. Let them know of your discomfort with the side effects and how they negatively affect your daily life.


There are many obstacles that hinder us from taking our medications on time. The good news is that there are also solutions that may help you take your medications consistently. Consult your doctor, create a poster timetable, adjust your alarm clocks, and arrange your medications accordingly to avoid making any mistakes of missing or taking them at the wrong time.

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