5 Tips to Keep In Mind for Proper Medication Intake

The saying that health is wealth is famous in society, that carries truth in it. After all, people go to great lengths to achieve perfect health, even spending a heavy sum to treat ailments appropriately.

Speaking of ailments, society now has access to numerous medications to address a wide range of conditions. Given the sheer number available, you may find yourself confused at times about the proper intake and dosage, especially if you’re taking over-the-counter medication.

Here’s why you need to be careful in taking your medication properly. 

Know the Type of Drugs You Take

There are many types of drugs available in the market. Some are meant for oral intake, while others need to be injected at home or by medical professionals.

The type of medication you take depends on the part of the body you’re treating and the condition that needs addressing. Knowing the type of medication you are taking can help monitor your progress and give you an idea if you need further treatment. 

Watch Your Dosage

Having a daily medication log can help you track the drugs you take daily. If you take several pills a day, you’d be wise to keep tabs on the number of substances you ingest. 

Additionally, you need to read the instructions carefully because they can give you side effects, some of which can affect your weight, kidney, and liver functions. You can keep track of your medications’ dosages by monitoring them in a prescription tracker app.

Your doctor can also instruct you to get a blood test to determine whether they increase or decrease your dosage. Getting a blood test can also determine if your current dose is too much. If that is the case, your doctor can lower the dosage to prevent any adverse effects.

Know the Proper Timing

You need to watch the timing of your medications. If you are diagnosed with depression or anxiety, your psychiatrist may prescribe you drugs you need to take on specific hours. 

Using a medicine planner app can help you keep track of all your medications and the schedule you need to follow for each one. 

Be Mindful of the Possible Issues

As previously mentioned, medication can have some side effects, some more adverse than others. Being mindful of your body’s needs is one way to prevent these side effects from happening. 

You need to make sure your doctor is aware of your allergies and other conditions to prescribe you the proper medication. 

Inform Your Doctor

If the side effects of your medications are too much to handle, you need to visit your doctor immediately. Some drugs have a trial and error process. 

What may work for others may not work for you. It is essential to consult your doctor with your progress. 

In case things escalate, a medical professional can help treat your side effects. They can administer medication-assisted therapy to prevent an overdose.

Final Thoughts

We need to take our well-being seriously. It will be best to visit your doctors to get your health checked. In today’s time, we have a lot of drugs in the market that can heal any ailments. However, you need to know the right ways to take them to maximize their benefits. Investing in your health is the right way to go.

That said, it is vital to keep track of your health. At My Medical Log, we provide the easiest way for patients and medical professionals to keep track of their tasks. 

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