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4 Simple Ways to Manage Your Medication Effectively

Feeling under the weather or dealing with a one-time illness can be very worrisome. However, chronic conditions that require taking prescribed medication are infinitely more anxiety-inducing. Adding to the burden are the side effects of the medicines on top of the physical affliction and the effort needed to keep track of medicine intake over days, weeks, and months.

When faced with these ordeals, learning to manage your medication can bring comfort and reduce your stress. 

Defining Medication Management 

Medication management is the practical way of keeping track of your medication intake based on your doctor’s recommendation. This process involves a strict regimen of taking the right medicine at the right time every single day. 

It sounds simple enough, but medication management entails organization, timeliness, mindfulness, and assistance from medical professionals. At times, medication can become complicated when there are specific conditions and instructions you need to keep track of. This is because one type of medication can lead to variations in the efficiency of other drugs taken simultaneously.

Multiple medications treat several illnesses or complications of a major disease. Consuming them in an untimely or irregular manner can bring potential danger to one’s health. Doctor consultation is the best way to come up with an effective medication management plan.

Here are four simple ways to manage your medication effectively:

1. Follow Your Medication Time

Following the prescribed schedule of taking your meds will not only keep you safe from adverse effects but will also help you find out if the medication is effective in treating your condition or symptoms. By following your actual medication time consistently, you can give your doctor valuable information to decide whether to continue with a specific drug or try certain alternatives.

2. Refill Your Meds Ahead of Time

Having your meds refilled before you run out will give you peace of mind. You won’t have to rush to the nearest drug store or ask a family member to do it for you when you find out that you’ve run out of a certain pill.

It is also imperative to check the expiration date on each drug to make sure you are taking the right pills. Getting advanced refills can eliminate those expired pills as well.

3. Note Side Effects and Body Changes 

Any significant changes or symptoms that you experience from taking a particular drug can indicate effectiveness or incompatibility with the drug. Hence, it is a must for you to list down everything you feel after taking your medication. Simple things like feeling dizzy or drowsy can indicate an adverse reaction. And, of course, complex changes such as changes in sleeping patterns, appetite, skin conditions, mood, and body temperature often mean you will have to switch medications.

It is important to note when these changes or effects occur, how frequently, and other specific details you can associate with the symptoms. Discuss these side effects with your physician as soon as they occur.

4. Use a Mobile App to Help Manage Your Medications

You can use your mobile phone to help you manage your medications effectively. By downloading an app dedicated to medication management plans and solutions, you can easily keep track of your drug intake. Note that apps vary in features they provide to users, but the best one will undoubtedly help you in medication management for years to come!


Never underestimate the importance of effective medication management. It can be a lifesaver as it serves as a supporting document for doctors to give the best recommendations on your medications to achieve your desired health outcome.

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