Thyroid Medication

Things to Remember When Taking Your Thyroid Medication

People who have thyroid disease are expected to take the necessary actions to ensure they’re recovering correctly. It includes consuming the proper medicine made to target the thyroid, learning how to store drugs properly, and having a medicine log to ensure they’re on track with their meds.

To help manage your thyroid condition more efficiently, some professionals may prescribe for a higher or lower dosage depending on how the side effects you feel from the current prescription. Some are bound to feel nauseous, exhausted, and depressed, to the point that they end up gaining weight—which are all effects you don’t want to experience.

For those experiencing the adverse effects of taking certain thyroid medication, it’s recommended to visit your doctor for the necessary adjustments. Keep reading below to learn about some tips that will help you with your journey towards recovery from thyroid disease.

Give Your Medication Some Time to Work

The effects of the thyroid medication given to you by your doctor will not work the same way it does for other people. While some will begin to feel more awake and focused during a week or two after taking their meds, others can take over a month or so before the hormones start to kick in and you feel better.

During the treatment process, your doctor will advise you multiple times so that they can monitor your progress by testing your blood levels for thyroid-stimulating hormones (TSH). They will also perform the necessary modifications on your levothyroxine dose to ensure you’re receiving the right amount.

Consume Your Medicine at the Right Time

If you want to achieve the most out of your medication and ensure your body absorbs them thoroughly, it’s best to consume levothyroxine on an empty stomach, usually in the morning or before bed. You should take your meds an hour before breakfast or three hours after dinner.

If you decide to take it after having a meal or eating a snack, you can significantly lower the chances of your body to absorb the meds completely. To avoid forgetting to take levothyroxine every day, having a medication log app to guide you is an effective solution because you’re sure to receive reminders daily.  

Stick to Your Current Prescription

When your doctor gives you a prescription for a specific brand of thyroid medication, it’s crucial to stick to it if you want to speed up your recovery from your disease. If you suddenly switch to a generic brand, you can expect your TSH levels to be affected.

Despite having the same dosage, different branded medications do not work the same. Since your goal is to keep your TSH levels stable, instead of deciding to purchase over-the-counter meds on your own, you should ask your doctor for a new prescription every time you run out.

Put Away Your Meds in the Right Place

Besides taking your medication daily and using a prescription tracker app to remind yourself, you should also make a habit of storing your medicine in a cool and dry place such as a cabinet or shelf. As much as possible, keep it away from humid rooms like your bathroom.

If you leave your thyroid medication in a place with too much heat, light, and moisture, it will negatively impact the effectiveness of your meds. Since your mission is to reduce your sickness, you have to do everything it takes to speed up your recovery.


People committed to healing from their thyroid disease should learn to take their medication religiously and strive to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising daily. Aside from that, you should remember that everything takes time, including the effects of your medication. Don’t forget to consume your medicine at the right time, stick to your current prescription, and store your meds properly to ensure you’re on the right path towards recovery. 

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