Pill Boxes for Medicine: Are You Using Yours Safely?

Medicine can help us recover from illness, but it can also cause harm when not used as directed. After all, the chemicals interact with our systems very specifically, and some drugs aren’t as forgiving as others. 

Following your doctor’s guidelines for one or two medicines may not be too difficult, but if you are struggling with a chronic condition or growing older, you may be taking multiple medications on a daily basis. It’s easy to forget a dose here or there or take it at the wrong time. Many people have multi-compartment pill boxes to help them remember what medicines to take each day.

Unfortunately, pill boxes have their limitations. Some people also don’t use them correctly, resulting in more harm than good. Are you getting the most out of your pill box? Keep reading to find out.

More About the Pill Box

Medical experts prescribe medicine in response to each patient’s individual condition. To promote adherence to these guidelines, pill boxes and blister packs can be used. Both of these storage devices sort the pills in accordance with when they are to be taken. They also prevent accidental overdose by making it clear when a pill has already been taken.

However, some studies revealed that some people do not use pill boxes very effectively. Instead of distributing the pills day-by-day, they simply use the box to sort medications by category.

What Happens When Medications Aren’t Stored Well?

When medications are not stored well, it’s easier to take them incorrectly. This, in turn, means their safety and effectiveness is significantly impacted. Relying on memory when taking multiple medications can also be dangerous. It is also difficult to recognize the right pill based on color and shape alone, especially when you take multiple drugs each day. There are also conditions that a pill box can’t be a guarantee, such as when medications are inside special containers to maintain the temperature and keep out moisture.

The biggest concern about the failure in using pill boxes is probably the mistake in transferring the medicine from the prescription vials into the pill box. The bags and vials prescription drugs come in are labelled by pharmacists, ensuring proper dosage is communicated. If you fail to organize your medications well or lose the original prescription details, you risk taking the wrong drug, ingesting the wrong amount, or taking it at the wrong time.

Use Your Pill Box Safely and Properly 

With all the research and observations made on the impact of pill boxes, it is essential to use these devices as to how they are intended to be. If you use a pill box at home, have someone verify if you have sorted the medicines correctly. 

Another thing you can do is download a medicine tracker that helps you document the details of your medicine routine. This helps you verify the prescriptions you are taking and serves as proof for any family members or caretakers who may be helping to oversee your health.


Medicines become only effective when they are taken with the right dosage and at the right time. If you’re taking multiple medications, you need to ensure that they are sorted accordingly. Using pill boxes will be helpful, but it can only be effective if you use them the right way.

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