What Happens When You Don’t Take Your Medication Properly

Each year, an estimated 125,000 people die in the United States from improper medication use. The wrong medications at the wrong time can cause a health condition to get worse. They can also increase the risk of hospitalization and death. However, the right medications at the right time and in the right dose can usually prevent health conditions from worsening while also reducing risk. If you’re really concerned about your health and your current condition, taking your medicine as prescribed is important. Here’s what’s bound to happen if you do otherwise.

Increased Disease Risk

Unnecessary health conditions can cause untold suffering and put you at risk for serious illness. They can also result in complications and early death. People who don’t take their medications properly are at a higher risk of developing health conditions. In fact, you can be at risk of developing a mood disorder, a chronic health condition, or another disorder entirely if you stop taking your medications too quickly or if you stop taking them all together.

Higher Risk of Hospitalization and Death

The right medications can help you stay healthy and maintain your health at a high level. They can help you avoid hospitalization and reduce the risk of early death. However, these medications are only effective when they’re taken as prescribed. If you don’t take the right medications as prescribed or if you self-medicate, you can be at risk of being hospitalized or dying prematurely.

Compromised Healing Process

The proper medications at the right time and in the right dose can help you heal faster and have less potential for complications. They can ensure you’re getting the best care possible, from the moment you seek medical attention to the moment you seek care again. However, not taking your medications as prescribed can reduce your body’s ability to heal itself and can increase your risk of complications and complications.

Increased Pain

Many chronic health conditions cause unbearable pain. If you’re feeling pain and you don’t have the medication you need, it can be difficult to function normally. You can end up being withdrawn, depressed, and have difficulty doing the things you love, including your daily routine. However, medications for chronic health conditions don’t work if you don’t take them properly. If you stop taking your medications or stop taking them as prescribed, you’ll be at risk of feeling more pain.

Incomplete or Ineffective Treatment

If you stop taking certain medications too quickly or if you stop taking medications at all, your healthcare provider might not be able to effectively manage your condition. This could result in a complete break of the treatment plan, and you could experience a flare-up of your health condition. In the case of a mental health condition, you could experience a relapse of your disorder.

Increased Medical Costs

The cost of healthcare is a lot. If you do not take your medications and experience a flare-up of your health condition, you may have to pay for additional medical needs. These medical needs could include additional medications, an ambulance to take you to the hospital, or an extended stay in the hospital.


If you’re not taking your medications properly, you could experience any number of unpleasant and potentially dangerous symptoms. You’re also compromising a lot of your body’s natural processes, including healing. That’s why taking medications as prescribed by your physician is one of the most important parts of good health. It can help you maintain your health and avoid complications.

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