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What Helps in Preventing Deadly Drug Interactions

Some people feel scared or intimidated by medication intake due to the possibility of a serious of even deadly adverse drug interaction. Prescription medications, in particular, can have dangerous side effects, which is what makes most patients feel intimidated. However, the primary cause of deadly drug interactions is due to irresponsible intake.

You can prevent such effects by learning how to manage your medication intake properly. Additionally, there are some methods that will help prevent deadly drug interactions, including:

1. Not taking different drugs simultaneously

When you’re unsure, never take several drugs for different ailments simultaneously. Doing so can result in life-threatening interactions among the drugs. Even if you’re sure that the intake of certain medications together won’t result in anything serious, don’t do it without the approval of the pharmacist or your doctor. You don’t want to risk it, which is why you should stick to the proper procedure when taking your medications.

2. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist regularly about your medications

This is especially important when you’re buying medicines for other ailments or undergoing medical checkups. Always be transparent to your pharmacist with regards to your medication, even if you’re just buying over-the-counter or herbal medicines. Your pharmacist will need to know the list of medications you’re currently taking, the ones you’ve had in the past, and the drugs that you take irregularly.

Remember that even non-prescription drugs can interact with prescription ones. Therefore, you want to be certain that the medications you take do not pose the danger of deadly chemical interaction. Always disclose to your doctors and pharmacist—even your dentist—about your current medications. Doing so will allow them to determine what drugs you can take, and which ones can interact with your medications negatively.

3. Conduct research about your medications

You’ll want to gain knowledge of how your medications work and which drugs can interact with them. Understanding these pieces of information can help you be more aware of the types of drugs you’re allowed to take. There are resources online that explain the chemical components of your medications and the level of seriousness the interaction falls under. Additionally, you’ll want to know how you can manage and reverse the interactions so that you’ll know in case of an accident. As verification, call your pharmacist or your doctor and ask them what you need to know. They’ll be happy to help you.

4. Purchase your prescription medications from one pharmacy

Buy your prescription medications from one pharmacy so that they can help you keep track and review your intake. Additionally, since they’re already aware of the medications you’re taking, it’ll be easier for them to prescribe OTC drugs that won’t interact with the ones you’re already taking. By keeping all your prescriptions at a single pharmacy store, they’ll be able to monitor your drug use and suggest better methods or medications with regards to your condition.


Deadly drug interactions can easily be prevented by managing your medications properly. Furthermore, it’s critical to actually take your prescription medications, or else your condition won’t get any better. Lastly, taking your medications on time is also important. Not only will it help you monitor your drug intake, but it will also ensure that you’re taking the right dosage at the exact time when your body needs it.

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