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Why Investing in a Symptom Log Is Important for Your Health

Taking good care of your health is one of life’s many non-negotiables but for others, it can be rather complicated. We sometimes go through periods of sickness that we just can’t understand. Even with multiple complaints and symptoms showing, most of these often only lead to vague and confusing information. A disorganized set of details, especially when it comes to remembering your medical history, can be difficult to deal with.

To ensure that your healthcare provider understands exactly what you may be going through, keep a symptom log. These are simple tools that allow you to record your activities and symptoms in a more organized manner, taking into account a defined period during diagnosis and treatment. 

The idea of a symptom log may be new to you, so if you wish to learn more, here is a quick guide for you:

Why should you keep track of your symptoms?

Certain conditions exacerbate even during treatment, which is why keeping detailed notes of anything you notice is highly critical. It’s also important to know which symptoms already exist and which are new, as you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what could be causing your illness to ensue. Here are some of the most important items you can write down:

  • Date
  • Time
  • What occurred
  • Weather
  • Stress level

Diseases can behave in ways that we can never expect. You can have symptoms without a change in the course of the disease, and disease can progress without added symptoms. Whatever notes you may have, however, any information will be beneficial to your doctor, and of course, yourself.

What can a symptom log exactly do for me?

  • It aids you with control and encourages you to remain engaged. By keeping a symptom log, you can have a sense of control and involvement in your treatment plan. It can be therapeutic to an extent, helping you manage your emotions through a tumultuous and stressful time. 
  • It helps you save time and costs. By keeping a symptom log, you allow your physician to simply just read, saving you the effort of verbal interviews. It also allows you to create a thorough medical history, saving you from repetitive lab testings. 
  • It helps you identify potential triggers. As previously mentioned, understanding how diseases behave can be complicated. Through your log, your doctor will be able to track any triggers that affect the treatment, prompting him to come up with lifestyle changes and other medications to help your recovery. 

Symptom Logs: Low-cost, Low risk

From everything gathered, one thing is clear: a symptom log is a simple and effective tool, designed to augment diagnostic and treatment plans even without the presence of a healthcare provider. By keeping track of your symptoms and other activities, you build a detailed patient history with minimal costs and risks.  

It saves you from spending on repetitive and unnecessary laboratory tests, all the while keeping your treatment plans effective. It also keeps you away from the worsening of your condition, and above all, helps you gain a sense of control over the disease. 

If you’re on the hunt for the best symptom and daily medication log, My Medication Log is the best for you. We offer you a cloud-based medication management system, allowing you to help you keep track of your health. We’ll help you remember, store, and share your medical history, thereby allowing you to heal better and faster. Get yours today. 

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