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3 Common Reasons You Don’t Take Your Medicine as Prescribed

Although it may seem simple, taking medicine is something that can prove to be quite complicated as you encounter more health conditions because of how many details to consider. Unfortunately, this same complication has grown into a much larger problem, as a growing number of Americans now fail to take their medications properly. As menial as it may seem, this same issue is one of the leading causes of complications and deaths among those suffering from chronic diseases. 

If you haven’t been taking your medications as prescribed, then this may be the wake-up call that you need to realize that this is a problem that you need to properly address with the right measures. However, acknowledging the problem and remedying it as best as possible are two completely different matters, which leads us to the process of overcoming barriers that may be causing you to not take your medication as prescribed.

Dealing with remaining concerns

Although there are many different factors that can explain why you fail to take your medicine, the most prominent aspect to consider is the concerns that you may have. Often, overcoming the barrier to taking medication properly involves knowing why it’s so difficult in the first place. Once you’re well-aware of the different reasons that may be holding you back from taking your prescribed medication according to a doctor’s directions, you’ll be able to resolve the problem bit by bit! 

Acting on specific concerns with the right actions

After acknowledging these different problems or concerns, it’s critical that you move forward by putting the right solutions into play. Thankfully, our experts have put together some of the most significant solutions for common hindrances that you can take into consideration:

Common concern #1: “I’m not enjoying the side-effects that I’m getting”

Concerns over side effects often cause many patients to be thrown off from the responsibility of getting medication and taking it when it’s supposed to be administered.

Although side-effects can definitely prove to be quite troublesome to deal with, this is no excuse not to take your prescriptions as instructed. Thankfully, asking your doctor about what you can do to alleviate the side-effects or any precautions that you can exercise to tone the experience down can help you get back on track without any further trouble!

Common concern #2: “My medicine costs too much”

One of the more striking yet common reasons people avoid taking their medications as prescribed is that they’re intimidated by medicine costs. When it comes to dealing with an overwhelming concern over medication fees, it’s worth noting that a medical professional or pharmacist is going to be your number one collaborator when it comes to circumventing the issue. Once you get in touch with a professional, you’ll be able to find lower-cost alternatives or other measures that will allow you to get more for less, making it much easier to get back on track!

Common concern #3: “It’s hard to keep track of my prescriptions”

Admittedly, tracking medicine and ensuring that you take it at the right time can be a bit of a complex process because of how many details you’ll need to consider as you sift through doctor’s orders. Thankfully, using My Medication Log’s medication log app will allow you to easily track your prescriptions and stay up to date on instructions and dosage times with a few taps! 


Amid the wide range of concerns that you may have when it comes to taking medication on time and according to the instructions that have been prescribed to you, it’s worth noting that having the right solutions can make a difference. Thankfully, keeping the three common concerns mentioned above in mind will allow you to effectively overcome any hurdles that may be holding you back from taking your medication as you should! 

Through our medication management app, you won’t ever have to worry about missing a dose on a prescription for your conditions or those of your patients’. Check out our app today to start taking your meds on time in the most convenient and accessible way possible!

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