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3 Important Tips for Managing High Blood Pressure Medications

Treating hypertension involves strict lifestyle changes to keep your blood pressure at the optimal level. Beyond making healthy tweaks to your habits, you also need to adhere to an around-the-clock schedule for your prescription medications since any changes in your intake can gravely affect your blood pressure.

Adjusting your dosage without your doctor’s approval can also have catastrophic results, such as an increased risk of developing a heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure. Since managing high blood pressure is a life-long condition, you need to create a medication system to maximize the prescribed drugs and minimize their adverse side effects. 

It’s hard enough to keep up with the chaos of life, but the steps below should help organize your medication intake so you can create a dedicated routine that is easy to follow: 

Tip #1: Create a Habit You Can Fall Into When Taking Your High Blood Pressure Medication 

Some things are so ingrained in our system that people can do it in automatic modes, such as their morning routine involving taking a shower or brushing their teeth. By incorporating your medicine intake with another daily routine, you’ll create a system where it’s nearly impossible to forget your medication. 

Tip #2: Organize Your Medications and Include Key Descriptions 

Nothing can be more dangerous than mistaking one medication for another, especially since different prescribed drugs will have varying dosages and schedules. Your pills are not something you can use to play the guessing game, especially since they can have risky ramifications on your health.

In that regard, it’s best to plan your medications weekly and organize them accordingly. Keep them in one location only and fill the pillbox with the right dosage, amount, and medication you need for the next following days. If you have more than one medication, dedicate separate pillboxes for each one, and don’t forget to identify them so you won’t mix them up. 

Tip #3: Use Online Medication Trackers to Simplify Your Organization and Medication Routine 

Even with a system in place, it can be difficult to keep track of all the medications you need to take. Besides planning for your weekly pills, you also need to refill prescriptions before they run out, which involves thinking ahead. 

Using medication reminder apps can do wonders for sending reminder alerts, blood pressure tracking, and connecting you with other like-minded individuals to keep each other accountable. 

Taking your high blood pressure drugs as prescribed by your doctor is the only way to reap their benefits, so using apps should make that easier. 

The Bottom Line: How Your Medication Routine can Impact Your Blood Pressure 

Medication for leveling high blood pressure only works if you take them as your doctor prescribed, so straying away from your routine can only aggravate your condition. 

Do You Need Help Managing Your Daily Medication Log?

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