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5 Things That Help Maximize The Benefits Of Your Medication

When you have to undergo medication-assisted therapy, it can be overwhelming to stay consistent with it, especially at the start. Each patient is different, and they have varying circumstances that require constant communication. Though each situation is different, there are things that everyone needs to do to maximize the benefit of their medication. Here are some of those.

Consistency With Your Doses

Starting a new medication plan requires consistency. Sometimes, though, a provider’s recommendations will not make sense to patients, but they wouldn’t ask or clarify why they’re taking certain medications. Alternatively, they might get busy and forget about the medicine they’re supposed to be taking.

Anchor your medication with a part of your routine. This technique is called the Premack Principle, and it helps you turn your medication into a habit. For instance, if you brush your teeth first thing in the morning, place your medication near your bathroom sink. Doing this lets you associate the morning with taking your meds. If you cannot be consistent despite linking your old and new routines, create incentives for yourself. Reward your progress and give yourself a treat for every week or month you comply with your medication schedule.

Patience And Proactiveness

Anyone who has had to take a long course of medication knows that it can be challenging to give the medication time to work. However, trusting your provider is vital. You need to give the medicine a chance to work the way it should, which will happen if you comply with the schedule.

Also, set realistic goals and get into the right mindset. Pay attention to how you feel about the medication, and speak with your provider about everything you feel. Using a medicine tracker can also help, especially if you are motivated to keep at a task if you see visual proof of your progress.

Understanding Of Your Medical History

Your body’s chemistry, daily habits, and medical history all influence the effectiveness of any medication you take. Educate yourself about the medications you’re taking and how your lifestyle and history might affect it. If you are a regular coffee or alcohol drinker, you should ask your medication management provider how these substances could influence your medicine. Also, consult your provider before changing your physical activity routine or switching your diet and dietary supplements.

Diligent Practice Of Self-Care

Beginning a new medication plan is a great chance to re-evaluate how you care for yourself. Your medicine will not do much help if you neglect the other aspects of your health. For instance, always ensure you have proper hydration and nourishment, enough exercise, and adequate rest. You can ask your provider about adjustments you must make to your diet or exercise routines.

Openness To Care From Others

Accept support from people around you. Often, patients want to be self-sufficient and not be a burden to those around them, which is understandable. However, people who tell you they are willing to help are ready to take on responsibilities; otherwise, they wouldn’t offer. When you’re completing a medication course, you can accept assistance in various forms. For example, your loved ones can drive you to doctors’ appointments or manage your medication schedule.


Getting the hang of a medication schedule can be challenging at first, but if you are intentional about your routines and recovery, you will see results in no time. Having people around you who care about your progress also helps; let your loved ones help you with your medication plan.

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