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3 Ways to Stay on Top of Your Medication Over the Holidays

Depending on your traditions, the holidays can be a hectic season. Between the last-minute shopping sprees and dinner parties, it’s easy to get lost in the merriment. However, despite your hectic schedule, it’s crucial to remember your personal routines and stay on top of your medication schedules. 

Here are three ways to help you remember your medication in the busiest time of the year:


  • Replenish your prescription in advance 


If you take regular medications, a good rule of thumb is to buy all of your required medicine before the holidays hit. This allows you to ensure that you have enough supply to last you through the season. Your local drugstore may change its operating hours over the holiday period—so it’s a good idea to purchase what you need ahead of time. 

Like most people, doctors take time off during the holidays too. This means that you may not be able to reach them over the holidays in case you need a repeat prescription.  For this reason, make sure to give your doctor a call at least a few days before the holidays start to determine their availability. 


  • Speak with your physician before traveling 


Many people like to travel during the holidays. Others use this time to reconnect with family and go back to their childhood homes, while others spend their holidays in a different country. Whichever you choose, inform your physician of your plans, especially if you’re changing time zones. 

This is crucial because a change in time zones can mean a shift in your prescription schedule. If you’re flying out of the country, make sure to keep your medicines in their original packaging with a letter from your doctor clearly outlining the name and purpose of these medications. This is because certain medications may not be legal in the country of your destination. Having a clear and verifiable prescription should allow you to legally possess your medication. 

If you haven’t already, make it a point to ask your physician about whether or not you’re allowed to consume alcohol while on medication. The holidays can be festive, which means that spiked eggnog might be on your horizon. Knowing whether or not you’re allowed to partake will at least allow you to do so with peace of mind. If not, you’ll at least have a bulletproof excuse to stay away from the alcohol!


  • Use a medication log app


You use your phone for everything, so why not use it to remind you of your medications? While a simple reminder with an alarm clock would do the job, using medication log apps has added benefits—especially in busy times, such as the holidays.

Some apps, such as our very own MedManage, even give you the option to track your drug intake and store your prescription list and history. Custodians, family members, and personal nurses can also be given access to these records through MedManage’s caregiver sharing app for added convenience. 


With the holidays fast approaching, it’s hard not to get swept by the rush of merrymaking that’s about to happen. While indulging yourself during this season is to be expected, you should try to do so while still keeping up with your health. After all, if you’re too sick because of skipped medication, you won’t be able to enjoy the holidays anyway!

My Medication Log’s MedManage is a prescription tracker app designed to enhance patient care. Besides keeping a schedule, Medmanage also gives patients, caregivers, and physicians access to a patient’s prescription adherence for contextualized and accurate diagnosis and treatment. Download the app today on the Apple Store or Play Store!

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