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How to Manage Medication Usage During COVID-19

COVID-19 has created a whole new life for many people. Millions have had their age-old routines upended by the lockdowns, losing their sources of income, or experiencing stressful situations daily. This change in daily patterns has caused a mess in approaching everyday life, evidently displaying numerous consequences. 

One thing that many people struggle with is finding a consistent schedule. Whether their workplaces have changed or their jobs have been put on pause can cause excessive sleeping and disrupted waking patterns. These broken patterns can cause problems for those who require a schedule to take their maintenance medications. 

Managing Medications During the Pandemic

Having a daily medication log can work, but it’s easy to forget these logs due to memory lapses throughout the day. However, what has helped many people survive this horrible pandemic is the existence of a schedule supplemented by technology’s greatness. Whenever routines are in place, it strengthens the medications’ effects, so doctors usually prescribe them to be taken at specific times. There are ways to integrate both routines and technology, as medication log apps for smartphones exist nowadays, such as My Medication Log. 

Restarting a routine can be challenging, mostly when it was lost to the “new normal.” However, using a medication log app can set alarms and list down when you take each pill, giving you a more straightforward look at their daily use. The notifications provided by the app can help with finding the routine again, as this can break oversleeping to at least take the meds before going back to sleep. 

Additionally, matching up the consumption times with regular daily activities can help, such as drinking them before or after breakfast, then before bed at night. Using a daily medication log will help remind you of medications that have stricter time slots and are crucial in timed delivery. 

Since everyone has a smartphone nowadays, apps often define how people live their lives through new-age technology. When there is a constant notification to remind you that you have to take prescribed medication, this can help improve your health and well-being despite the lockdown and being subject to the pandemic’s stress. 

Have Constant Communication With Your Doctor

Inputting the number of pills you have on the medication log app will help determine when to get a refill. It is highly advisable to consume medications as prescribed, so stocking up on time will prevent nasty relapses or health issues. Using an app specifically made to remind you about your meds usage will be a great way to remind you about appointments or days to pick up your meds at the pharmacy. 

COVID-19 has made things different, but it is also more convenient to see your doctor now, as virtual appointments are easier to commit to than physical ones. Digital prescriptions are also widely accepted now, making it less time consuming and more hassle-free without the need to commute to the hospital for an appointment. Many people struggled to meet scheduled visits to the hospital due to various factors, but it expedites the process significantly since everything is highly accessible from home. 


While COVID-19 has flipped the world around for many people, prescribed medications cannot exactly be cut out of the picture. Many people forget to take these due to schedule changes and an overall drop in routine, but thanks to modern-day technology, it is possible to bounce back. Using a medication log app like My Medication Log can help people keep track of their consumption patterns and be reminded about essential schedules and dates. 

My Medication Log is the best daily medication log available for any device, thanks to its cloud-based functionality and ease of use. With our app, you can have an excellent system to remind you and even assist your caregivers with your medication usage. Download it today for a better way to remind yourself about your daily pharmaceutical requirements!

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