5 Healthy Habits for Managing Your Medication

As people age, it’s not uncommon to have an entire set of medications to manage whatever health condition a person may have. These medications are meant to help with the symptoms or prevent any new health conditions from developing. However, there will come a time when remembering to take all those prescriptions every day will be overwhelming.

When keeping track of your medication schedule becomes too much to handle, you need to have a foolproof plan in place so that you can take your meds on time. Otherwise, misusing them can be detrimental to your health and may even aggravate your symptoms! 

Here are some healthy medication habits you should try to avoid getting confused when tracking your medication log.

Create a List of All Your Medications

According to the CDC, an overwhelming majority of Americans take their prescription medication incorrectly in terms of timing, dosage, frequency, and duration. Looking at the statistics, you might be one of those who fail to take their medicine on time.

Keeping a list of medications helps you get a clearer picture of what you should be taking and what time during the day you should be doing so. You should also include the dosage, the intake method, and the time of day to be taken.

Develop and Implement a Strategy

Now that you have a complete and updated list of your meds, it’s time to develop a plan to ensure you take them on time. Here’s what you can do:

  • Set your prescriptions near your toothbrush or coffee pot
  • Use a labeled pill container designed for daily use (or make pill packets)
  • Set a recurring alarm or notification on your phone
  • Make sure you refill your prescription and your pill containers

Store Your Prescriptions in a Safe Place

While it’s essential to have your daily pill containers in an easily accessible location, the rest of your medication should be stored in a safe place. They should be out of reach of children and out of sight from other people. 

It goes without saying that whatever medication was prescribed to you should not be shared with anyone, especially a controlled substance!

Plan Ahead for Drug Refills

With long-term prescription meds, it’s important to refill your supply on time. Running out of medicine is even worse than forgetting when to take them. 

The most convenient way to keep a steady supply of meds is to ask your doctor to prescribe a 90-day supply that can be sent to you through a mail-order pharmacy. It eliminates the need to schedule a trip to the pharmacy since you only need to re-order the medication every few months. If you prefer the usual way of getting your medication, make sure to keep track of your refills on your medication log.

Keep a Daily Medication Log With You

Maintaining a medication log is perhaps one of the simplest ways to keep track of your prescriptions. Medication logs come in various forms, from traditional journal-style notebooks or charts to more modern options, like a medication calendar app.

Calendar and management apps like MedManage have a wide range of uses to help you stick with your medication schedule. Some of the features include making a prescription schedule, dose reminder, or even a record of your medication history.


It’s important to take your prescribed medication as instructed by your doctor. If you have trouble remembering your schedule, these tips may help you better manage your prescriptions. It all comes down to how you discipline yourself to be reminded of your doctor’s instructions.

The best way to keep track of all your medications is to use a state-of-the-art app like MedManage! Take advantage of our cloud-based medication tracker for patients and caregivers. Download our app today and start taking better control of your medication schedule!

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