Medical Myth Mayhem: 7 Myths Debunked by Pharmacists

Medicine is a tricky subject. And because of the incredibly accessible information online, many people begin to play doctor when they need to see a real one. The same idea holds true with medications — because they seem less intimidating and small, myths and misinformation are swaying many from making informed decisions.

Pills and tablets are easy to understand, as long as your doctor prescribes them and you follow the recommended doses. Fortunately, you can eliminate missing doses by tracking your medications through a medication log app, which reminds you when to take your next dose. 

If you’re taking a bunch of medicine and have been hearing a plethora of myths and hearsays, it can be quite confusing to know which one to believe. In this article, we’ll share some medical myths and have our team of pharmacists debunk them. Let’s take a look!

Myth #1: Increase Your Dose If Pain or Discomfort Persists or Worsens

The recommended or prescribed dose given to you by your doctor was not an arbitrary amount. Not following their medical instructions may have damaging and dangerous consequences, including accidental overdose or liver damage. 

For this reason, pharmacists strive to be reliable resources for information when it comes to dosing and the risks associated with each medication. So, if you’re feeling more pain or your condition has worsened, it’s best to speak to your doctor immediately. 

Myth #2: Once You Feel Better, You Can Stop Medication

Those who don’t understand the concept of medication feel like their regimen ends whenever they feel much better. Contrary to this belief, the absence of symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean the bacteria or virus is gone; it may still linger or have remnants in your system.

For this reason, continue to follow your doctor’s instructions and take your medications until you reach the end of your medication timeline. 

Myth #3: Anti-Biotics is the Right Medications for All Acute Infections

You’ll be surprised to know that one out of ten healthcare providers prescribes antibiotics for every patient with bronchitis or colds. They continue to do this despite knowing that antibiotics can only treat bacterial infections like strep throat and not infections caused by viruses. 

Many patients request antibiotics because they think that they can effectively treat all kinds of infections. However, it’s best to go to your doctor and get an accurate diagnosis so that they can give you the right medication that will help with your symptoms. 

Myth #4: How You Take The Pill Isn’t Important

The Cleveland Clinic suggests that patients take oral medication with a full 8oz glass of water to avoid throat irritation, choking, and other complications. 

Taking pills with other liquids, such as alcohol, can interfere with how your body absorbs the medication. To add to the complexity, some medications can be taken with food. In contrast, others should be taken with an empty stomach. 

Fortunately, your medications can be less confusing when you use a medication log app that will help you keep track of your doses and how to take each type of medicine. This way, you’ll be able to follow your doctor’s suggestions and won’t miss out on any doses. 

Final Thought: Medical Myths are Tricky and Dangerous — It’s Time You Forget About Them

Now that you know some of the most common myths regarding medications, it’s best to speak to your doctor or pharmacists if you’re confused about your pills and tablets or experiencing additional symptoms.

Knowing how to take your medicine, when to take it, and tracking your meds through a medication log app will help you recover and maintain your health effectively. 

How Can We Help You?

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