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5 Key Factors to Consider in Fostering Medication Safety

When it comes to taking medicines, medication safety is always a top priority. The ultimate purpose of these pills is to treat your loved one’s illness and alleviate their health conditions. Unfortunately, some families tend to neglect medication intake or administration that they tend to give the wrong drugs, fail to administer the right dose, or forget to follow a prescribed schedule. Not only are these detrimental to health, but they can risk safety and cost lives!

In this article, we will share five crucial factors to consider when tracking and administering medications so that you can promote the utmost medication safety:

1. The right medicine

When it comes to medication safety, it all boils down to getting or taking the right medicines. You initially have to double-check with the doctor as to what has been prescribed. When obtaining the drugs from the pharmacy, be sure to check with the pharmacist as well. During the actual intake, make sure to examine the bottle and label. Once you’re a hundred percent sure, you can go ahead and administer the pills.

2. The correct dosage

Apart from ensuring the right medicines, you also have to check the recommended dosage. Be sure to check what the doctor has prescribed and what the label indicates. Whether you’re using a household teaspoon or need an oral syringe, you’ve got to be careful and correct with the dose because you won’t want to overdose your loved one.

3. The appropriate time

Other than medicine dosage, you also have to consider the timing, as far as medication intake is concerned. Usually, there is a schedule that needs to be strictly followed, as delaying the medications or skipping them is a big no-no to ensure the medications’ overall efficacy. There are a few things to consider when it comes to this. First, always be wary of the dosing frequency. Two, utilize a medication log to schedule and alarm you. Finally, communication is the key. Keep in mind that you have to communicate with your loved one and those who will be assisting you in monitoring.

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4. The administration method

Remember that the medication administration method is not always done orally. Some medicines are taken sublingually, while a few others are injected via the bloodstream. Likewise, some patients will need to use inhalers through the nose, while others get eye drops and ear drops. The bottom line is to make sure how the medications should be administered.

5. The most reliable person

If the patient is independent enough to take their own medicine, then that’s not a problem. However, if your loved one is crippled or is forgetful, you must take the responsibility to track, monitor, and administer the medications. But if you don’t have the time in the world, be sure to get a reliable family member to focus on this. If not, you can always hire a caregiver who can take good care of your loved one.


At this point, we’ve covered the five key factors to consider for medication safety—the right medicine, correct dosage, appropriate time, administration method, and reliable individual. You can also take advantage of our medication management app to help you make everything streamlined and smooth-flowing. Ultimately, all these will ensure medication safety, promote a faster recovery period, and foster the overall health of your loved one!

Are you looking to foster the utmost medication safety? You’ve come to the right place! We provide a cloud-based medication management app for both patients and caregivers. If you need an app for taking medicines, check out our resources, and connect with us today to see how we can help!

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