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5 Tips to Help You Manage Your Diabetes Medication – Our Guide

Like many other chronic diseases, diabetes is managed with lifestyle changes and regular medication. Taking medication is important as this helps relieve symptoms and reduces the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, and kidney damage. Aside from keeping patients healthy, consistent medication is necessary to build a strong immune system.

Although taking medication should become part of their lives, some diabetic patients tend to forget to take their diabetes medication on particular days. With that said, here are five ways you can help yourself or your loved one ensure that they are taking their medication on time:

1. Create a personal schedule

The first step you can take is to create a schedule that you know you can follow with ease. Try to associate taking your medication with other regular activities to help you remember. For instance, you can make it a habit to water a particular plant you have at home before or after taking your medication, so it slowly and naturally becomes a part of your routine.

2. Make use of pillboxes

Another thing you can do is to organize your diabetes medications in a pillbox of your choice. Using a bill pox has many benefits, including:

  • Reminding you of your medication schedule
  • Preventing you from re-dosing or overdosing
  • Keeping your medication organized and protected

3. Make visual reminders

Some people find visual reminders helpful in reminding them about their diabetes medications. What you can do is to put your medicine bottles or pillbox in visible areas in your home, such as:

  • Your nightstand
  • The dining table
  • The top shelf of the fridge
  • A coffee table in the living room

4. Utilize reminder apps

You can remind yourself to take your medicine with the help of a medication reminder app. If you are a busy or forgetful individual, the medication log app can be a great tool. These apps will notify you to take your medication in various ways. You can set the app to send you a/an:

  • Push notification
  • Text message
  • Email

Make sure to connect it with your FitBit and phone medication calendar to monitor your health and medication schedule more effectively.

5. Practice consistency

On top of all the techniques you can do, being consistent with your medication is the ultimate key to taking regular medication as a part of your routine. Consistent medication allows your body to adjust and become familiar with your medicines and helps your doctor monitor your body’s reaction to the drugs.


Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that need regular and consistent medication. These medications help ease the symptoms and prevent further illnesses to the patient.

As a patient, you should find ways to ensure that you are taking your medicines on time. You can do that by associating it with your daily routine, using pillboxes, making visual reminders, and utilizing a medication reminder app. Just remember to follow a technique that you know fits your lifestyle.

If you are looking for apps for taking medicine, check out our app. It has various features that can be beneficial to you, including an alarm reminder and a medication calendar. Download our app today from the Play Store or Apple Store to use as your daily medication log!

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