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3 Tips to Help You Remember to Take Your Meds on Time

Regardless of what condition you may be dealing with or what health complications you’re struggling from, one truth about everyday living is that taking medication on time can be a challenge.

The struggles of remembering

Although it may seem quite menial, the truth about forgetting to take medication on time (or overlook it completely) is a problem that even the greatest of geniuses struggle with. For those who struggle with a multitude of conditions, this problem magnifies even more because of how additional medicines add more confusion into the mix. 

Why you need to take your medicine on time

While you may try to justify the mistake of taking medicine at the wrong time by thinking that they will work regardless of when you take them, the truth is that timing is half of the effort towards recovery.

Although it may sound harmless at first, the continuous forgetfulness of taking medicines on time can possibly lead to long-term complications that hinder your recovery process. In fact, poor medication adherence is such a problem to the point that it may reverse the experience of recovery and put the body at a greater risk of experiencing a more problematic illness.

How you can avoid missing your medications and start taking them on time

Fortunately, remembering to take your medicine exactly when you need to isn’t as difficult as you may think because all it takes is a bit of discipline and all the right tips in mind. If you’re looking to get your health back on track and avoid any complications that may come about from negligence with your prescriptions, here are three tips to consider: 

Tip #1: Start using applications

Thanks to the advent of technology, remembering to do certain tasks isn’t as tedious or difficult as it used to be, especially in the context of taking medication! 

If you’ve been struggling to keep track of what needs to be taken when and how much should be consumed, consider downloading or buying an application on your smartphone to remind you. For instance, downloading My Medication Log on your smartphone can help keep you accountable and give you regular reminders that will make it easier to keep up and track your daily medication needs!

Tip #2: Track every change your doctor makes

One crucial detail that causes most people to mix up their prescriptions and completely forget what time they need to start taking them is the inability to note any changes that are made to a medication schedule. If you consult with your doctor for a regular check-up and are given new instructions on what to do, then it’s best to note everything in a notebook and make updates to your schedule once you get home for easy adoption!

Tip #3: Try to take your medications at the same time every day

If you aren’t a firm believer in apps or constant tracking, then one way that you can easily start taking all your medicines on time is to ask your doctor if you can schedule them at the same time. While it may not seem like a small step, taking specific medications at the same time every day will make it much harder to forget the routine because it will be a routine!


Although it may not seem like a problem, failing to take your medication on time or completely overlooking the schedules can lead to bigger health problems in the future. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, however, you can easily circumvent this common hurdle and make sure that you start sticking to your schedule without hindrances!

With our daily medication management app, you won’t ever have to worry about missing a dose on a prescription for any of your conditions. Check out our app today to start taking your meds on time in the most convenient and accessible way possible!

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