The Incredible Benefits of Using a Medication Tracker App

Healing begins when people stay consistent with their medication intake. That means the patients give their bodies the treatment they need, and the doctors can see how well their bodies respond to these medications. All these would only be possible if the patients take their prescriptions as required—not missing any schedule and taking proper dosage as necessary. 

However, to some people, following a schedule seems impossible to do. It could be due to various reasons. Some are simply forgetful, others are too old, weak, or preoccupied with other life factors, and some are not just willing to cooperate. 

Unfortunately, there are consequences to actions like this. Not drinking the medicine at the same time as prescribed can lead to the ineffectiveness of the drug. It could make the person resistant to the medication or only prolong the time needed to feel better and heal. 

The Benefit of Tracking Medication Intake

There is one simple solution to help those having a hard time taking their medications on time: tracking their intake. When a person keeps a tracker, they are forced to remember and act on it. Thanks to modern technology, you can get rid of the traditional paper and pen tracker and use an app to keep track of your pill intake. 

Unlike traditional methods that people might forget, the best medication tracker app turns on its alarm when you are supposed to take your medicine. It allows you to maintain a record complete with all information, such as:

  • Name of medication
  • Its physical description (if necessary)
  • Who prescribed the drug and their contact information
  • Dosage
  • Doctor’s instructions
  • What it is for
  • Side effects to expect

With all these details accessible instantly, a patient will be more involved in the healing process. They understand the purpose of their medicine and why they should take it as scheduled. They learn about the side effects and get warned, discovering that these are normal. 

They can also visually see their progress and be inspired by it. It can be a source of confidence. Having proof that they successfully take their medications consistently is a sign that they can do it. 

It can be a great resource of information should their doctor request one. They can easily see and track your health progress in comparison with your medication intake. They can advise more accurately should there be a need for a new medication or if you can now stop one. 

The medication history you have can serve as their guide in knowing which drugs they should not give you or what medicines you are allergic to and are currently taking. That way, you can avoid emergencies due to medication. 

What Details You Can Add

Besides the important details, you should include in your record, you can also add more necessary notes to help your overall health. Here is a list of information that can be beneficial for both parties:

  • How often do you need a refill or the target timing for a new prescription?
  • Type of medication you have—is it a liquid, tablet, or injection?
  • Is it branded or generic?
  • For what illness is the drug for?
  • How strong is the medicine?

There are many existing medication tracker templates online that you can use as a reference for this. One important thing is you have to keep it updated as frequently as possible. Fortunately, since it is an app on your phone, you can access it at any time. 


Keeping your medication log organized would not only benefit you but everyone concerned with your health. It will make it easier for your doctor and pharmacists to keep track of your medication refills and improvement. More importantly, it can motivate you to do your best in meeting your goals. Whether for simple daily vitamin intake or immunizations and other nutritional supplements, you can use an app to keep track of these pills. 

Make sure that you choose the best medication tracker app to provide you with all the information you need to monitor. Check My Medication Log and see if it works for you. You can also use this app to help care for your family members in need. Besides medication tracking, it can also monitor their chronic diseases. Download it now!

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