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Tracking Your Meds: Why You Should Use Medication Logs

Admit it: there are times that you forgot to take your required medications according to the prescribed times by your doctor. Other times, you consume more medicines than you should. While not inherently bad, these habits can cause some harmful side effects. Poor medication management can become a problem if you continue this habit. Luckily, there is something that can help: medication log apps.

As the name suggests, using a medication log app involves recording every medication that you’re taking. This lessens the chance of committing mistakes when undergoing treatment and lets you be more familiar with how your prescriptions affect your health.

In this article, we’ll go into detail about why you must use medication logs. Read on below to learn more.

More about Medication Logs

In general, medication logs help healthcare experts to know more about the patient’s journey. A medication log typically includes any of the following:

  • Medication information
  • Special needs for treatment
  • In-person consultations

Nowadays, there are many platforms for medication logs, so it’s usually a matter of finding the right one for you. Searching for the best platform will take time, so you should find one that has good reviews or another that’s recommended to you by your doctor.

Better Organization

Being organized when it comes to your medications is crucial because many people, especially senior citizens, receive multiple treatments from different doctors. Because of this, they have to follow a pretty complex treatment regimen. Part of observing their health is by paying close attention to how their medications work. 

Using medication logs forces you to put everything in order, leading you to control your treatments. You’re also going to adhere to the medications since you can monitor how it impacts your health. In an emergency, responders can also quickly identify the medication you’re allergic to and save your life.

Improvement of Overall Health

Adherence to the medications recorded in a medication log will cause your health to improve because you’re not taking less or more. Aside from that, you also won’t experience any side effects. Medication logs will also relay the recorded data to the assigned healthcare professionals to monitor the patient and conduct consultations in real-time. Conversely, they can also prescribe additional medications or refills.

Children Can Also Use Them

Apart from adults, using medication logs are highly beneficial for children as well. Children can’t monitor their medications on their own as well as adults. Because of this, parents will need resources to keep track of the treatments that their children will undergo. An example would be if a child has been diagnosed with ADHD—the app can record medications and treatments that are prescribed for this condition.

Parents can also use the app to raise concerns regarding effects such as loss of appetite or sleep disturbance during consultations. If these symptoms come up, the doctor may prescribe different medications to help improve the child’s condition.

Regardless of the diagnosis, using medication logs to monitor a child’s recovery progress is recommended because the right amount of dosage is given. If the need arises, the dosage can be adjusted.


Medication logs are highly beneficial because they can remind you to take medication on time and establish direct communication between you and your doctor. Regardless of your illness, you should not rely on medication logs alone because doctors know what’s best to improve your health.

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