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Here Are Tips on How to Work from Home If You Have Asthma

Asthma control, similar to working from home, requires attentiveness and focus. This simply implies that you cannot ignore your health even as you stay home, so discipline is key. Numerous internal factors might easily impact your health and, as a result, your work habits. With a basic regimen and even simpler treatments, it is feasible to control asthma at home.

Tip: Maintain Adherence to Your Drug Schedule

Working at home is not the same as working in an office. When you’re working in your PJs, time may fly by. And while it is okay to postpone meals on occasion, never delay your asthma medication. Maintain your routine and take your meds precisely as your doctor has suggested. Keep your asthma inhalers nearby and educate your household on how to use them.

Tip: Know Your Triggers and Avoid Them

Odor, indoor plants, dust, talcum powder, hair spray, and cigarette smoke—indoor air quality is also a significant problem. While you may be aware of all indoor triggers, your roommates may not be. Discuss your triggers with your family or housemates if you work from home. Make a list of your triggers and distribute it to family members. Dust can cause destruction in an instant. Vacuum often and clean your environment daily.

Tip: Create a Strategy

Even in the base of your home, managing asthma can be challenging. So to make things easier, create a strategy and organize a system to remind you to take your asthma medicine, exercise, and eat healthy. You may even use a reminder medication log app on your phone or print out a calendar. Keep it on your desk and update it daily. This way, you’ll never miss a dosage or a deadline.

Tip: Seek Immediate Medical Advice

If you have trouble breathing, chest discomfort, difficulty speaking more than a few words, difficulty walking, or if your lips, face, or nails become blue/grey, you should see your doctor at once. Your doctor may be able to help you by modifying your asthma treatment regimen. In addition, your doctor can help you discover a trigger at home. Make your health a priority even if you work from home, and don’t let asthma symptoms go away on their own.

Tip: Asthma Home Remedies

Here are some home treatments to help you control your asthma while working long hours. You should discuss them with your doctor to ensure that they are safe for you.

  • Eucalyptus 

Inhaling eucalyptus oil vapors may be advantageous to humans, according to the same study. However, essential oils can be harmful if not used correctly, so consult your doctor before using them.

  • Exercise

Exercise is an excellent at-home asthma treatment. They aid in decreasing hyperventilation, the relief of asthma symptoms, and the enhancement of mental health. Regular exercise can help to reduce asthma symptoms as well as the requirement for asthma medication. Walking and yoga are also great asthma workouts.

  • Green Tea and Caffeine

Tea, coffee, and green tea may all aid in the relief of asthma symptoms. Caffeine, like theophylline (a standard asthma treatment), dilates the airways. A 2010 research found that coffee can help asthmatics breathe easier. It relieves asthma symptoms for up to four hours.

These home treatments are only meant to be used to treat asthma. Use them sparingly or instead of mediation.


With these tips in mind, asthma will no longer be as tough to manage as it once was. Keeping a steady schedule and taking your asthma medicine as prescribed by your doctor will help you control it. Create a solid action plan, monitor your asthma symptoms, keep your asthma inhalers on hand, and seek asthma treatment as soon as your symptoms intensify. 

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